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Posted 4 months ago on October 10th, 2022.

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If you have made up your mind to become a designer, then you should know the high-paying job titles in this field. With the world realizing the importance of designing, this career has become one of the most in-demand ones. You need a designer for websites, mobile applications, entertainment, newspapers, and many other fields. The post shares the most sought-after design jobs in the industry. You can choose a design job based on your likes, scope in the industry and preferences. 

1. Product Designer

The average salary for a product designer in the year 2022 is the US $76,165 per annum, according to glassdoor.com. The role of a product designer is quite flexible. Product designers are responsible for designing UX and UI. They are even responsible for the coding, problem-solving and even project management at times. Most organizations want their product designers to solve glitches that erupt during the design and development process. 

Product designers are required by start-ups, gaming companies, software companies, product-based companies and similar others. There is a huge demand for specialized product designers by automotive companies. As there is a sudden shift to electric vehicles, companies are looking for product designers who can take the lead to design related software and applications for the new models of automotive vehicles. 

2. Frontend Web Developer

The average salary of a front-end web developer is $73,157 per annum in the US in 2022. front-end developers take care of the coding on the website wherein the users interact with the brand. They are responsible for coding the layout, navigation, and other interactive elements. Front-end developers bring designs to life through their skills and expertise. They are adept in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. 

Front-end developers take care of optimal display across varied browsers as well as devices. They test technical SEO and resolve bugs. As almost every industry requires front-end developers, they are in high demand. There are jobs at entry-level in the field as well, across the industry all over the globe. 

3. Digital Designer

The average annual salary of a digital designer is $50,227 in 2022 in the United States. Digital designers create solutions for product graphics, websites, email templates, brand campaigns, photography, and social media graphics. While most of the time digital designers are a part of the team, companies even hire freelancers to take care of the digital designing project. 

Digital designers have suddenly come into the limelight. Almost all industries are looking to fill the position of a digital designer in their organization. Right from Fintech companies to marketing agencies and even e-commerce, software, and cloud-based organizations require digital designers. 

4. User Experience (UX) Designer

The average annual salary of a UX designer is $1,15,743 in 2022 in the United States. UX designers are concerned with enhancing the user experience. They take care of designing while focussing on user interaction. UX designers help improve the usability of the product by making it more accessible. They are responsible for research and development, creating wireframes and testing. 

The demand for UX designers has shot up in technology companies. Organizations all over the globe are looking for UX designers who can work on mobile applications, websites, software, and others. Interestingly, even hardware companies have started hiring UX designers to create products with operating systems viz. phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches and similar products.  

5. User Interface (UI) Designer

The average annual salary of a UI designer is $74,693 per annum in the United States in 2022. UI designers are concerned with designing the screens that users move through in the applications used in websites, software, or video games. They need to create engaging visual elements and/or interactive properties like menus, images, forms, buttons, and similar touchpoints. 

With the rise in companies offering applications, the demand for UI designers has shot up in recent times. Organizations pertaining to cloud-based software, sales platforms, artificial intelligence, video gaming, and many others require the services of user interface designers. They have become crucial to the marketing department, branding and even web development agencies. 

5. Motion Graphics Designer

The average annual salary of a motion graphic designer in 2022 is $93,366 per annum in the United States. Motion graphic designers take care of animation and artwork that is published on websites, social media, augmented reality, movies, OTT, and other similar mediums. They enhance videos by creating interesting trailers, ads, special effects, etc. 

With their skill to bring static creations to life, motion graphic designers are ruling the roost in the present age. They are in high demand across the entertainment industry. Artificial Intelligence companies, marketing firms, digital agencies, and others require the services of motion graphics designers. 

6. Graphics Designer

The average annual salary of a graphic designer in 2022 is $50,227 per annum in the United States. Graphics designers are concerned with creating visual concepts. They design layout and production design. Graphic designers work individually as a freelancer or for agencies or companies as a part of a team. 

Graphic designers have long been in demand. While the career is not new, it has not lost its sheen in spite of different specializations that have come to the fore in recent times. Graphic designers design marketing collateral, brand assets, product packaging, internal graphics, website graphics, signs, and the list goes on. This career line will never go out of fashion. 

7. Art Director

The average annual salary of an art director in 2022 is $72,696 per annum in the United States. Art directors take care of visual styles pertaining to different media including print, magazines, product packaging and others. They are hired by movie and television production companies to elevate the visuals. Unlike graphic designers, art directors take responsibility for the overall design of the project. 

Art directors give briefs to the designing team for developing artwork and final deliverables. For a long time, ad agencies have required the service of art directors for delivering campaigns to clients. Even newspapers, public relations agencies, OTT platforms, magazines, and similar companies hire art directors. 

8. Animation Designer

The average annual salary of an art director in 2022 is $102,961 per annum in the United States. Animation Designers are required to draw, edit, animate, and conceptualize storyboards. They create movies, ad films, trailers, social media posts, etc. Right from creating a mockup to delivering 2D or 3D content, animation designers are deeply involved in every step. 

An animation designer should be well-versed with the software to draw frames, key poses, and rig models. There is a high demand for animation designers in digital marketing agencies. Companies in various industries require the services of a full-time or a freelancer animation designer. 

The Road Ahead

The entertainment industry is growing in leaps and bounds, all across the globe. There is a major crunch of talented and experienced professionals in every department. As industries are integrating with technology, people who are well-versed with the new developments are given a preference. Content writers, designers, strategists, and similar roles are always in demand by advertising agencies, marketing departments, movie production houses, and others. In order to get hired quickly, candidates should keep on honing their skills through courses and workshops. 

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