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Free Music Promotion: What to Expect in 2022

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Posted 1 year ago on January 9th, 2022.

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Are you a musician thinking about promoting your music cost-free? Any music artist looking to grow in the industry may indeed have mixed emotions. Perhaps you may feel that you don't have the chance to get your music heard out there without money. However, this isn't true. 

In this digital era, artists can use different ways to promote their music with a limited budget. Such opportunities give every music performer the chance to showcase their talents and be heard far and wide.

As we head into 2022, statistics are motivating. And, artists are finding new ways to push their brands and music to reach a wider audience. Indeed, the future of the music industry is promising.

Based on IFPI's worldwide music report, the global music industry grew by 7.4% in 2020 compared to 2019. The recording industry's total value was $21.6 billion.

For upcoming musicians, it can be exciting to have channels that you can use to promote your music with no budget. Every artist desires to have their music publicized and grow to greater heights.

So, if you're short of cash and you're there wondering how you can advance your music, here are the things you need to know about free music promotion come 2022. 

Music Promotion Websites Will Favor Artists More

Are you an independent artist? You may be looking to showcase your talent without the heavy monthly fees involved for services you might not need. Fortunately, there are free music promotion sites that will benefit your music immensely.

Once you connect with the websites that boost music promotion for indie artists, your search game will cease. You won't have to visit various platforms just to get your music creations heard.  Instead, you get to receive tremendous support for your great talent and artistry.

From the same sites, fans, too, get connected to discover your fresh hits. Therefore, the music promotion website becomes a hub for fans to interact. And, best of it all is that; you attain all the promotion benefits for free.

Maximizing the Use of Playlists Will Popularize Your Music

Music artists looking to promote their music should start strategizing how to get their best songs onto as many playlists as possible. Indeed, this is one remarkable way musicians will continue to promote their music cost-free.

Choosing playlists with similar artists and genres will help attract a specific category of fans that the artists target. This is what will give musicians a higher chance of engaging fans who'll want to keep listening for more.

To get onto these playlists means that artists will have to create profiles on specific platforms. Playlist uploads on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify are now becoming popular. 

Using Creative Ways to Post Your Music Content on Social Media Will Increase Fame

The future of musicians lies online. The internet continues to open up endless opportunities for music performers to get free online coverage. 

This does not only increase the overall publicity around a music release. But, it also helps with enhancing the image of musicians. The beauty of it all is that; such promotions don't cost a coin; they’re all free promotion sites.

Let's look at social media. It still acts as a key player for music artists. Things are even more promising now that social media's popularity is growing at a high rate. 

As per the October 2021 statistics, Smart Insights revealed that 57.6% of the global population uses social media. This is more than half the percentage of the world population. Moreover, the statistics indicate that the average usage of social media per individual is 2 hours and 27 minutes daily. 

This is a clear indication that it's time for musicians to make good use of social media sites. Tiktok is becoming a major platform for fans to discover new songs. Therefore, artists desiring to have their songs find new listeners can make use of the platform. 

Try to create content that is in line with TikTok's mode of operation. By doing this, you might end up securing a huge number of fans that will stick with you going forward.

Also, look at other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. They remain to be platforms that artists can use to publicize their music cost-free. The only secret is to discover creative ways to share your music with the social media audience.

Most importantly, musicians must distinguish the kind of music content that fits each platform. Remember that each social media site works differently. 

Ask yourself; which media channel suits the posting of song lyrics alone without including the entire track? Also, find out the best platforms that suit posting full music tracks. The beauty is that; you have the freedom to use audio, videos, or pictorials for marketing your new hits

Writing Blog Posts About Your Music Stories Will Inspire a Wider Audience

Most music fans have not yet realized the power behind posting their stories on blogs. People enjoy reading blogs covering stories about artists and emerging songs. 

You can write about your new releases and perhaps tell what inspired you to create particular songs. 

By doing this continually, you might discover that your stories will touch some people. Other interested bloggers can be inspired enough to write stories about you to promote your music. 

Furthermore, some people may share your blog stories on other social media platforms. This is a remarkable way to reach a wider audience and promote your music further.

Remember, blog postings are free-of-charge; you’re not limited to what you can do to sell yourself. So, as an artist, promoting your music by writing blogs can work out things for you in ways you never imagined before. 

Taking Advantage of Podcasts to Stream Your Music Will Keep Your Music Going

Podcasting is becoming more popular by the day. In the U.S alone, there were a projected 120 million podcast listeners in 2021. And, forecasts state that the number of podcast listeners is expected to surpass 160 million by 2023.

Podcasts are free radio programs that are distributed over the Internet. The majority of these podcasts are devoted to music. Anyone online can download and listen to them as they please. 

Indeed, the music channel is becoming one of the most valued sources of information and entertainment. Many people are taking their time to listen to podcasts now more than ever before. And, you can use the channel for the free promotion of your music. This implies that the future of artists using the platform is bright.

As a musician, you can contact the podcasters and discuss how they can add value to their music streams using your music. Usually, this can be done either by:

  • Putting your song onto the podcast
  • Getting featured as a guest on the podcast

If you get the chance to be on one of these shows, you should take the opportunity to tell your story. For example, you can talk about your upcoming music releases. 

These are great and free music promotion channels for audiences to know more about you and your music. They can later follow you on your social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, perhaps subscribing more to your music.


Some musicians may be too talented, yet they remain undercover. It may be that they haven't discovered the free music promotion channels and techniques. 

Indeed, not every music artist has the money to promote their songs to reach a wider audience. But, the good news is that the internet continues to give performers the flexibility to maximize various digital opportunities. This is purposely to make their music heard by many people. 

The internet contains many outlets for upcoming performers to discover new audiences. Therefore, it's upon the musicians to understand how to exploit the connections the internet offers.

Through the various digital means, musicians (startups, indies, and those doing collaborations) can achieve their goals of reaching new listeners. That way, you can grow your audiences and enjoy the benefits of successful music performances such as live shows.

So, from now on, artists need to learn more about the many opportunities that exist for free music promotion.