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Envato Tuts+ Community Challenge: Created by You, July Edition

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Posted 5 years ago on July 15th, 2016. Last modified on September 27th, 2019

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Welcome to our monthly feature of fantastic tutorial results created by
you, the Envato Tuts+ community! Every day, visitors like you take the
time not only to read our tutorials but also to try them out. This is an
assortment of those comment submissions found throughout the Design
& Illustration section. Check out this set of results and join in
for the next roundup, published next month!

Vector Tutorial Results

Taken from the comments section of your favorite tutorials, these first pieces are an assortment of results created with vector drawing programs. Check out these amazing results!

Create a Slimy Alien Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

User @gi got slimy with us when she shared with us her text effect by Andrei Marius. She added:

So many new fills and graphic styles. And the eyes! Thank you, Andrei for this interesting tutorial.

Slimy Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Create a Gradient Icon Inspired by Instagram in Adobe Illustrator

Caroline Han is ready to dig in with this amazing cupcake icon tutorial by Diana Toma. She commented:

Looks good enough to eat!

Cupcake Icon Tutorial Adobe Illustrator

Create a Solar System Icons Pack in Adobe Illustrator

Reader Artem Latokha enjoyed this solar system inspired icon pack created by Andrei Stefan.

Solar System Icon Tutorial Adobe Illustrator

Create a Set of Space Icons in Adobe Illustrator

Moises Ramírez is ready to soar into space with this set of space icons from Andrei Stefan. He commented:

Excellent tutorial! Thanks, this is my artwork!

Space Icon Tutorial Adobe Illustrator

Create a Honey Bee on a Honeycomb in Adobe Illustrator

Newbie Douglas Starnes took a stab at this beautiful honey bee tutorial from Nataliya Dolotko. He mentioned in the comments:

I'm a novice at Illustrator (and design), but here is my attempt.

Honey Bee HoneyComb Tutorial Adobe Illustrator

Create a Collage Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

Inspired by this collage illustration from Ivan Petrusevski, Csilla Balog created his own unique character.

Collage Illustration Tutorial Adobe Illustrator

Create Nature-Inspired Decorative Arrows in Adobe Illustrator

Reader Mariana created her own version of this lovely decorative arrow set by Nataliya Dolotko. She added:

Great tutorial! Thanks for the new abilities!

Decorative Arrow Tutorial Adobe Illustrator

Create a Set of X-Men Avatars in Adobe Illustrator

Sumbul Aftab took a stab at his own X-Men avatars inspired by the tutorial from Yulia Sokolova.

X-Men Avatars Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Create a Sleeping Cat on a Pile of Books in Adobe Illustrator

Tanya had a blast creating her beloved kitty, inspired by the sleeping cat tutorial from Nataliya Dolotko. She mentioned:

Thank you for the tutorial! I have a Siamese kitty, so here she is.

Cat Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Create a Geometric Kaleidoscope Design in Adobe Illustrator

Thai Martin impressed everyone with his own unique take on this geometric design from Ivan Petrusevski.

Geometric PacMan Design Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial Results

Let's take a look at this next set of results inspired by Adobe Photoshop tutorials published here on Envato Tuts+. Contributions range from photo effects to patterns and more! Check out these wicked results below!

Create a Bubble Wrap Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Robert Castleberry perfected this bubble wrap text effect thanks to Envato Tuts+ instructor Rose.

Bubble Wrap Text Effect Adobe Photoshop

Create a Floral Portrait Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

Reader Sebastian created this beautiful floral portrait thanks to Jenny Le.

Floral Portrait Photo Manipulation Adobe Photoshop

Add Texture to a Flat Illustration in Adobe Photoshop

Inspired by Yulia Sokolova's incredible texture tutorial, Marie Defforges created this design. She commented:

This is a small tribute to the elderberry lemonade that I will soon do.

Add Texture in Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Fabulous Mirror Ball Inspired Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Reader Nihan positively shined with his take on this mirror ball text effect from Rose.

Mirror Ball Text Effect Adobe Photoshop

Create an Aged Photo Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Cynthia Dahle applied an awesome aged photo effect inspired by Kirk Nelson's tutorial. She noted:

Thanks for this tutorial. I love the old photo effect. Here is my first try. I used a photo of mine of the Cathedral in St Paul, MN taken from the Mississippi River.

Aged Photo Effect Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Digitally Paint a Superhero Portrait in Adobe Photoshop

Asel Nor created her own amazing superhero portrait, inspired by the digital painting tutorial from Envato Tuts+ instructor, Melody Nieves. She commented:

Hi! Thank you for this wonderful and useful tutorial. I tried to follow all your recommendations and would like to share what I've got in the end.

Super Hero Digital Portrait Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Create a Dark Lady Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

Reader Krishnan recreated this incredible winter photo manipulation by instructor, Jenny Le. He said:

Hi I loved this tutorial. I like Photoshop compositing. I failed to achieve your colors, but I tried my best!

Winter Photo Manipulation Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Design Tutorials Results

These final pieces are inspired by an assorted of design tutorials that don't quite fit the previous categories. They include everything from print design to drawing and more! Enjoy these beautiful pieces created by the community below!

Design a Vintage Travel Poster in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

User Manar achieved a great result with this travel poster design from Janie Kliever. She mentioned:

Here's my attempt at it. It's far from perfect and I hit a few snafus but I definitely enjoyed making it - great tutorial!

Travel Poster Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

How to Draw Children

Nemosia created this charming child illustration inspired by a tutorial from instructor Carlos Gomes Cabral.

How to Draw Children

Create a Vintage Event Poster in Adobe InDesign

Narcisa Didoaca was feeling the rock and roll mood with this fun event poster from Grace Fussell. In her appreciation she mentioned:

Hi Grace, like always, your tutorials are awesome and show us really useful and fun techniques. Thank you!

Event Poster Adobe InDesign Tutorial

How to Be Involved in the Next Showcase

you created a piece based on one of our tutorials here in the Design
& Illustration section of Envato Tuts+? We're keen for you to share
your results with us! Check out the general guidelines below to join in
with our community:

  • Your artwork should be similar in some
    way to the tutorial that you followed or that inspired it. The aim of
    these showcases is to share what readers have created after following
    the tutorial.
  • Comment on the tutorial you used, attaching an
    image of your result. We're keen on all levels of ability: from beginner
    to advanced!
  • Include a comment about your result, yourself, or your process. We like knowing about you and what you're sharing.
  • Share
    the tutorial when you share that artwork elsewhere on the web. If
    you've posted your piece on sites like Facebook, Tumblr or Behance, link
    back to the tutorial so that other users know your source and can join
    in on the fun.

Thanks to everyone who was highlighted above for sharing your results with the Envato Tuts+ community. We look forward
to checking out your brilliant versions of our tutorials in the near
future, and welcome users new and old to participate in upcoming

Source: Photoshop Tutorials +

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