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Emerging Trends & Technologies in the Automobile Sector

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Posted 2 years ago on June 5th, 2021.

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The automotive industry is changing substantially as the time passes and the technological innovations are the reason behind this change. We know how fast the technology grows. Even within the blink of an eye, one technological trend changes into another level of innovation.

The current situation is that, not only technological trends are changing but social trends are also changing side by side. People change their lifestyle or thinking by observing the social norms. It would be expected that our future will only depend on accessible mobility. Chances are that will connect only from mobiles, laptops, and tabs to communicate and get the things done timely. Personal interaction is disappearing gradually.

Let’s see what are those innovations or technological trends that are driving the automotive industry.

1.     Advanced Mindset of the people

Today the world foresees things differently. Same is the case in the automotive industry. The car makers are offering much more to the customers that they become satisfied and agreed to choose for their car, not only a metal box of four wheels does the things rightly, much more is expected to fix the problem. Carmakers are now focusing to enhance the manufacturer to become more efficient at scale and have more loyal customers. The future of the automotive industry is not only about producing innovative and advanced vehicles but to redefine the role of its existence and importance. Now it’s the era of smartphones and smart-cars, smart-cars are controllable with smartphones, you can say it as “smartphone on wheels”.

The automotive industry is controlled by innovative ideas, which from time to time are ready to transform and evolve rapidly. Cars have become computers on wheels, but it is expected that the amount of software is expected to triple in the next 15 years. The cars are expected to come in the market with all the new amount of software, technology and ideas to revolutionize the automotive sector. So as the technology grows, the mindset of people will also change accordingly. As everyone wants to walk with the changing trends of the technology to never miss out a thing.

2.     Cutting-Edge Production

Now it’s time to think a step ahead. As the pace of modern production is astounding, you should prepare yourself to adopt and bring new and innovative production processes into your automotive business to stand tall with the modern and growing world. As new technology introduces new opportunities open up, so these days and in future 3D printing is a great source of product innovation. 3D printing is a great way to compete with your rivals, it’s also called additive manufacturing. On the other hand, metal 3D printing is already becoming mainstream, it enhances the look of cars and it looks attractive and appealing to eyes.

3.     Environmental Friendliness

Technology has also set the trend to produce environmentally friendly cars to save the environment and the people as well from traffic pollution and air pollution that is generated with petrol and diesel. The production and popularity of Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles is increasing day by day. According to the survey, there are 5.6 million electric vehicles on the road currently, which is 64 percent more than in 2018.

4.     Independent Vehicles

Car makers take great interest in producing self-driving vehicles, since technology opens up new opportunities for business development. The international market for self-driving vehicles is projected to be worth $54.23 billion in 2019, and its value is projected to grow $556.67 billion by 2026. The massive potential of self-driving vehicles offers a boom in this area.

Producing self-driving vehicles will require profound knowledge and deep expertise in AI and machine learning. It’s practical to partner with machine learning leaders. Toyota has recently partnered with Nvidia to produce self-driving unions.

Automotive Set-up plays a great role in the development of self-driving vehicles. You have to be technically, practically and physically strong to build great self-driving vehicles. As per KPMG, Singapore, Norway, United States, Netherlands and Sweden are most ready to produce self-driving vehicles.

5.     Vehicle that communicates with Everything

Digitalization and connectivity are the key trends in the automotive industry that will rapidly change the future of driving. It appears that 5G technology will enable you to turn your car into a talking and thinking supercomputer very soon. Cars will be able to communicate with all the infrastructure like traffic lights and vehicles through wireless networks. You can just communicate your car to drop you on the particular location and the car will literally take you to that exact location. With this amazing technology, cars will get real time notifications, accident alerts and other warnings to keep you safe from any kind of haphazard. This technology will increase traffic safety, detect complications in the traffic lane, keep you to follow traffic rules strictly, and offer other safety measures.

This thing will make the maintenance and repair more complex, systematic and tough. Nowadays, a BMW can be fixed from any workshop, as things are not so complex. By the time, these vehicles will move to a concept of total communication and auto driven technology, and not every BMW Workshop in Abu Dhabi will be capable of fixing and servicing these types of advanced vehicles. So a simple shift in one thing will be a reason for a 360 Degree change in all stakeholders performance.

To have amazing technologies in cars like computers, it needs a massive amount of data to generate. It is expected that cars will have 200 million lines of code to function.


So companies that have cutting-edge and environmentally friendly technology will soon be considered as the leaders of the automotive sector. So get yourself ready to invest time and money into these latest trends and technology in the automotive industry to become one of the leading businesses of the automotive industry. It’s time to take a step ahead and start thinking forward to grow with the fast-paced world.

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