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Easy Tips to Maintain Your WordPress Site

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Posted 2 years ago on February 26th, 2021.

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People make websites through WordPress because it is very flexible and you can easily incorporate the changes. Through WordPress, you can create any type of website. You are given a complete freedom to create either a business site, shopping store, or other online stores. WordPress works best for the beginners who want to run their bog or a complete website.

So if you are a beginner or a novice in creating websites, rush to WordPress. It is been observed that creating a WordPress website is easy than to maintain the WordPress site. There are certain steps that need to be followed in order to maintain a WordPress site. Often people do not know about optimization of website. Here we shall discuss a few of the tips that will help you in maintaining a WordPress site.

Loading time:

 Website loading time plays a crucial role in the ranking of the website. It is recommended to check the loading time and speed of your website regularly because it has direct link with the traffic on your site. People will lose interest in your website if it takes longer than usual to load. So in order to optimize the ranking and increased traffic on your site, you have to maintain the loading time and speed of your website.


 It has been seen that websites that take much time in loading usually have the outdated plug-in and themes associated with the site. These outdate plug-ins make the website difficult to load. Also there is a great security risk of incorporating the outdated plug-ins and themes. It is recommended to regularly update the themes and plug-ins of your site so that it may load faster and get a high rank.


 Everything on internet is prone to hackers. There are numerous malicious links, folders that can compromise the security of your website. It is recommended to maintain the security of your WordPress site by fixing all the possible threats on your site and make it safe and secure for the people who are visiting it.Take a regular look on the security of your website.

Daily Backup:

WordPress is an amazing platform that gives opportunity to its users for saving their data by providing them special backup features. You can back-up your data on daily basis and store it in a backup space of the site. This will prevent you from loin the data in case your site is hacked, crashed or security is been compromised in any case.

Easy Tips to Maintain Your WordPress Site
Photo by Jan Kopřiva from Pexels

Clean Up:

 It is highly recommended to clean up the trash and junk files on your site because they take a lot of space so it is better to remove them. It is because of the trash files also that website loading time affects and take more than usual time in loading. So maintain your site by regularly removing the trash files from your site.

On page SEO:

 If you want to increase the online growth of your business, it is essential to work out the on page SEO of your site. If on page SEO of your website is good enough, it will increase the organic traffic on your website and ranking of your site will be improved.SEO leads to good user experience that eventually lead to more traffic generation on your site. So it is recommended to review the on page SEO of your site.

Broken Links:

 Often websites contain some broken or dead links that badly affect the reputation of your site. User feel very bad when the click on the link that contains nothing. Even search engines penalized the website owners for launching the websites containing the dead or broken links. It is recommended to frequently scan your website, identify if any broken link is there and remove it.Instead of removing you can also fix the link by adding the relevant content. There must not be any link on your website that gives 404 error. It is not good for your website and the ranking of your website gets affected. WordPress contain broken link plug-in by using which you can readily make the broken link into a useful or relevant link to the site.

Affiliate Links:

 It is recommended to check the download links and affiliate links that are been displayed on your site because sometimes they also serve as a dead link lead to poor conversion rate. So design your website maintenance checklist that contains all the things that need to be checked on your website.


 If your website is to be run on different platforms, browsers and devices then it is recommended to check the compatibility of website on each of them is necessary because every platform hold a potential traffic in the form of customers.


 It is recommended to create original, fresh and up-to-date content so that users may easily read it.


 It is highly recommended to optimize the images that are displayed on the website. It is been observed that un-optimized images leads to poor traffic on the website and eventually website ranking gets lower down. Also because of the optimized images, website loading time gets increased and website starts working slowly that leads to poor user experience. So put it in your marketing strategy to maintain the website by optimizing the images and other media files. Suppose visitor wants to see the image of graphic designing company but the image displayed is un-optimized so visitor will definitely get uninterested about it.

Memory limit:

 It is recommended to review the memory limit of WordPress site once your business starts growing further. By default, memory limit is 32MB but you can increase it as per the progress of your business.