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Posted 1 month ago on October 21st, 2021.

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One often gets inspired by some people’s fashion looks. The demeanor in which they carry themselves is loaded with fascination. This makes them conscious about brands as well, while the rest of the population disagrees and they perceive fashion as anything that looks good on you whether or not it’s a brand. With thousands of apparel brands around, you must also be wondering about them, as much as those intrigues everyone, it is imperative to know what makes them grow and flourish.

There are a ton of secret elements that are perhaps the reasons for the success for some, like the use of free online logo maker tools and download without registration, just to begin with. In this blog, the core emphasis of the logos of the world’s top fashion brands will enlighten you and enhance your aspiration towards these brands.

1. Louis Vuitton

Luxury, glam, and elite looks are some of the words emerging in the mind when the world talks about Louis Vuitton. It is all gleaming and glorious because of its worth in terms of cost. However, the top class of the globe can easily afford it and in fact, rejoice the footsteps taken by wearing the extraordinary brand’s shoes. About its logo, it is a visually pleasing letter mark with the initial of the brand name, in the color black. The most versatile aspect to this is that the same logo look is perceived by the brand and its customers through centuries! In addition, there are themes that the brand overlooks, like if you purchase their bags some of them will be recognized with flowers. 

 2. Adidas

Adidas Logo

When it comes to footwear and sportswear, the one mutual thing in common is comfort and this is exactly what the brand wants to adhere to. The logo of Adidas has transformed and modernized over the past decade and years, however, what has stayed the same is the font of the wordmark. The brand does not use a sole symbol or icon, rather the whole brand name in their logos. In other instances, the brand does not experiment with colors and has stayed true to the color black. On the contrary, the numerous versions of these logos interpret what the brand is all about. For instance, the uses of steps or iconic stripes in their logos make them more attractive. The most recent logo is the one developed in 2005, and it is still in use with three vertical steps and the brand word.

3. Chanel

The brand with the truest form of beauty and admiration, Chanel is an example to be noted. With its massive success amidst top competitors, this brand is a benchmark to new entrants. For this reason, when it comes to the brand logo, it is nothing less than simple and adequate. It has been more than a century since Coco Chanel came into existence and ever since, the brand has been recognized for its truest and valuable offerings. If you take a glimpse of their logo today it is basically a double ‘C’ written in opposite directions partially upon one another. These are the significant essentials that make a brand stand out even if they don’t mention the brand name in their logo; the world knows what they are talking about because the emblem logo is enough for the consumer’s sight. Shedding light on the color, then it is depicted in black generally but it can be seen in glitter colors like gold and silver on Chanel’s products.

4. Hermes

Hermes Logo on wall

When you say that something is worth buying for its top-notch quality, Hermes is the brand. The French company is the manufacturer of the best fashion items you will ever encounter. In the beginning of its journey, the brand icon consisted of a man with a horse cart so with the word mark an icon was also added. The background was brown which seems suitable in relation to a horse cart background. This is what most brands do so that the audiences develop a sense of understanding the brand. Much later today, the name seems to be sufficient in order to captivate the audience’s mindsets. Besides, it is a luxury brand and not an ordinary one, indicating the emphasis on a specific audience.

5. Giorgio Armani

Adding another elite brand to the list would be Giorgio Armani that enthralls people from a distance. This fashion brand speaks of quality and features the brand in the best way possible. The company has not focused much on revolutionizing the brand logo because it is already recognized and known by the world at their fingertips. It basically depicts an eagle with two furs standing up that radiates positivity and freedom within the fashion and then of course a black font in capital letters that includes the name of the brand. And the brand simultaneously uses another logo icon with both the letters ‘G’ and ‘A’ together in bold, and curvy edges to the letter that can be said as a monogram logo.

To Conclude

It is always great to get genuine inspiration from some of the world’s top brand logos because once you set a standard; you are clear with your objectives.

About the author: James Smith is a professional blogger, who loves to write on a variety of topics related to the niche he belongs to, i.e., Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. He will be happy to hear from you about his writing.

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