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COVID-19 and E-Learning Trends

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Posted 4 months ago on February 26th, 2021.

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The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, and what is even more surprising is that it's 2021 and the virus is still. And looks like it will stay a little while more. When the pandemic hit, the organization all over the world were caught off-guard and many collapsed.

However, when it comes to education, the government, parents, and the education industry worked tirelessly to figure out ways to continue the education of children. No one wanted the children to suffer the consequences of this pandemic in terms of impacting their future.

We saw schools and colleges slowly adapting to online tools and resources for educating the kids. Even religious scholars started giving online Quran classes for kids. Corporations gave online training sessions or did online meetings. The whole world resorted to online means for learning reasons.

This online learning trend due to covid, gave a rise to invent more tools and resources that can benefit education in the long term. In this article, we have outlined these trends.

Mobile Learning

There was a time when getting online meant having a computer or a laptop. However today, technology has made it possible to get online from anywhere and at anytime. Today when content is being developed, you have to make sure it has a mobile-friendly use interface.

The education industry has to make sure that it is enhancing the overall mobile experience of learning for its users. The trend has been successful and is still going strong in 2021, and will continue to grow and improve going further.


E-learning can become a bit boring. Sitting in front of the digital screen and listening to a lecture for atleast an hour? It can make students lose their attention. So how do you enhance the online learning experience? Without it getting too boring?

The answer is Gamification! What is gamification? It is the designing of certain game designing elements that can capture the attention of online learners, engage them in creative ways, and thereby increasing the retention rate of shared content.

Due to this, Gamification has become important e-learning not only in the education industry but in corporations as well. It has contributed to a higher level of motivation among students, increase productivity by entertaining elements resulting in minimum student dropouts from schools and colleges.

Social Learning Tools

Learning online can become lonely, Compared to students being used to college and school classrooms with so many kids, interactions, and extracurricular going on.

With online learning trends taking a toll, students became creative and starting forming online study groups as well on google room or zoom personal meeting rooms, etc. With the rise in online learning, a lot of social media platforms all came up with features to facilitate a classroom environment like google classrooms. Even Facebook has this feature now that facilitates personal chat rooms that can be used for group study etc.

The social element in learning is an important part of education that was missing in online learning. But now with various tools and resources, we have even overcome this barrier.


Given the attention span of the generation today, microlearning seems to yield better results compared to other means of learning. Like long lectures and study material. The benefit of eLearning tools has enabled microlearning.

Microlearning means dividing a huge content into small meaningful parts that are easier for the students to understand and remember. These lessons usually take around 2 to 7 minutes and therefore encourage professional development skills as well as learning skills for employees and students.

Video-Based Learning

Given that a lot of learning is taking place online on your digital screens, it is best to use video content to enhance the learning experience of students.

Video content is generally used to show graphical content to students. This is usually used in a subject like chemistry, biology, sometimes to show historical content, etc. Why does it yield better results compared to other methods? Because it allows reducing the gap between a theoretical perspective and a practical one.

Video learning however is also dependent on factors like the use of the right content and placement, timing, and quality to make it an effective learning tool. A lot of youtube videos are learning tutorials covering almost all aspects of education.

You would be surprised to see a lot of youtube learning is also free. A lot of parents have turned to online Quran classes for kids that are available on youtube channels by different religious scholars.

Artificial Intelligence

AI continues to grow in 2021 and will continue growing in the coming years as well. This technology is being used to perform routine human tasks like process-based automation.

Personalized Learning

Given that education is now given online, it has also enhanced personalized learning for students. Which means flexibility of timing and location. Students can retrieve video-recorded lectures from their school's website and learn at their own pace.

This has yielded better results in terms of retention of educational material shared. Why? Because let us be real. All humans are different, while some are morning people, others are a night owls and better able to retain information at night. Similarly, its also possible that a student has a side-paying job in a call center at night and is busy working on it, and therefore due to online learning now has the option of learning at his own pace, considering whenever he has the right time.

Crash Courses

Given the rise in online education trends, a lot of companies and educational institutions came up with crash courses or catalog courses for students. Even big corporations like LinkedIn and Microsoft also starting offering online certification and courses.

The best thing about these courses is that they helped the students and employees stay productive in times of lockdowns and social distancing and avail their free time with educational material. While we believed covid would long be gone today, looks like we will have to continue with e-learning for atleast 2021.

 About the Author: Arslan has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to post blogs with valuable content.

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