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Copywriting For Conversions! How Word Count & Emotions Make a Landing Page

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Posted 3 months ago on February 15th, 2022.

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In today's modern world it's very important that we stay connected with the revolving and constantly developing world.

Marketing has always evolved with the constant changes in the marketing industry with new ways and methods introduced to spread its reach, out to more people throughout the globe.

Nowadays in this digital modern era, marketing has gone digital which makes it even more effective and efficient, expanding its outreach.

One of the ways that digital marketing utilizes is Content Writing. Yes, some people may wonder what writing has got to do with digital marketing

Here is how your word count and emotions affect your conversion copywriting

There are a lot of things in regards to digital marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and copywriting that matter when aiming for a high and effective conversion rate.
These factors combined with a proper marketing strategy make the conversion very easy. Some of these factors are Content Strategy, Product demand, Design, etc and Human factors, Empathy, Emotion, etc.

Quality is Quantity and Quantity is Quality

It is crucial that word count is specified and is according to the required criteria recommended for a landing page.
It is so that the content is not “Shallow” because that not only prevents your landing page from ranking high on the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) but it has a bad effect on the prospects (target audience).

Make content simple, concise and clear

No one likes a page full of many distractions and a rush of words. Ensure that your content is not a rush and that it is simple and clear to understand and comprehend.
The majority of people nowadays intend to skip through content, thus meaning that the attention span of users is quite short and that it is probable that they spend less time on your pages reading your content.
Make a habit of keeping your content within a specific word count and for that utilize a word counter which helps you check your word count, your sentences, pages, and even your word density which is really a benefit for writers.

character counter

Employ the Emotional SWOT

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. This strategy is the go-to method used by marketing specialists around the world which helps them analyze certain factors related to the optimization of their digital marketing strategy.

The first 2 factors are internal and the last 2 factors are externally related.
The SWOT method in terms of emotions helps us analyze how our target audience may feel about our brand and how we should present our brand.


Your strength/s is the reputation that you have built in the market for your brand and or company. It is also your integrity and goodwill that you have developed. Your past experiences are also your strength as they have brought your firm to a reputable and experienced position. That is what you can use in front of your target audience.


Weaknesses are all your company’s downsides and the factors that put your company at a disadvantage. Lack of resources, consultants, machinery etc.


Opportunities are all the benefits that you may have as a business entity, such as your position within an open and established niche in the market.


The threat factor in the SWOT analysis is all external and that may be the ongoing economic state within the country, demographics (the change in age, race, organizational culture), law (the government may change corporate legislation), source of funds or any other element in the environment that may cause direct or indirect harm to the business entity.

Better Conversion Landing Page Copywriting

  1. Research and Analysis
    You can never develop a strategy if you have no data to plan it with. It is very crucial that you do your market research and then analyze the data procured to develop a method to plan your marketing strategy so that the content you produce is specific and targeted.
  2. Understand the Target Audience
    It is very important that you understand your target audience because it helps you design and market your product and or service according to what they may require from you or be interested in. Business means people, and if you cannot understand people then it is no use for business to exist.
  3. Make them an offer, add a lead magnet
    It is a psychological fact that people cannot resist a good offer and if you can make a good solid offer then you have a chance to attract people towards your product and or service with just that. It is crucial that you start things subtly but then make it hard for the prospect to say no!
    A lead magnet is an offer of any kind that you can use on your marketing platform
  4. Nail your CTAs (Call to Action)
    A CTA is like a prompt on your marketing page on any platform that makes the reader know what you want him or her to do next. CTAs are very vital part of your marketing copy and it is something that helps you turn your target audience into your clients.

Writing is something that has no medium and can be utilized in whatever way possible, from research papers to huge billboards it has many uses.

Content writing is done to develop meaningful, persuasive, and or educational pieces of information. Modern technology has changed many standard practices in terms of content writing as the majority of content back in the old days was found on paper in the form of advertisements or news or other similar things etc.

Presently, as almost everything has shifted to digital technology, content writing has found new ways to be utilized in different areas of industries, mainly finding its core use in Digital marketing.

Do we all agree that Coffee is the fuel that feeds the free content creating?