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Connecting Databases to Google Sheets with KPIBees

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Posted 2 years ago on April 17th, 2021.

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In the digital world, we use data extensively in any business. Departments of sales, marketing, finance, support, and operations teams, we all use data. Be it for making reports, lists, tasks, etc..

And to process the data, get efficient response in timely mannaer, getting help from devs or engineers to get data exports from the database. Is a challenge. A common process at companies today is to manually export data as CSVs or submit requests for data that usually take days.

To ease this process, businesses use database connectors to integrate databases to Google Sheets, search through tables, filter and order data, create beautiful dashboards and reports, and share these insights with teams or customers.

One of those tools that help connect and process data from Google Sheets to Databases, is KPIBees.

KPIBees automates the process, instead of manually copy/paste data into spreadsheets.

Users can import and analyze Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, MySQL, JSON, and XML in Google Sheets. There is also the option to create custom dashboard templates or use existing dashboards from the Template Gallery. Once the report has been created, users can then schedule data to refresh on an hourly or daily basis and email dashboards to team members or clients.

KPIBees Add-On with Pre-Built Integrations

The Google Sheets Add-on makes it super simple to automate processing data, directly from the spreadsheet.

With built-in integrations that connect to 16 data sources. This ranges from marketing tools, and APIs to databases.

Note: You can write SQL directly in the spreadsheet or even web scrape data from a webpage.

Keep Data Up-To-Date, Automatically

The challenge of data updates and never ending changes, can be easily automated with KPIBees. Simply keep your imported data always up-to-date by scheduling automatic refresh rates.

A cool side note: whenever there's a new refresh (update) you can get notified via email or Slack message.


It's Easier With Google Sheets

Getting your data on Google Sheets to analyze, report, or process is beneficial to your team. As it's a lot easier to use, and most teams know how to use spreadsheets.

Key Features

  • Ease of use (managment and auto-scheduling)
  • Flexible connectors (API, database, CSV..) with custom integrations
  • Knowledgeable team/founder and great customer support
  • Ready integrations and more coming soon.


What is KPIBees Add-On?

Simply put, KPIBees is a Google Sheets Add-on that makes it super easy to automate processing data, from APIs, Databases, CSVs.

How does KPIBees Work?

In three easy steps: 1. connect to data source. 2. Create queries with fields. 3. Automate refresh rate.

What are the available integrations for KPIBees?

KPIBees integrates with several services, including: CSV Files, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Page Speed, JSON, MySQL, YouTube, Intercom.. and more are coming soon such as: Instagram, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Quickbooks, Shopify, and more.. Check out the official page for full list.