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Benefits from Devs and Marketers Jamming Together

Content Marketing Manager focused on a fusion of technology, small business, and marketing.

Posted 3 weeks ago on July 17th, 2022.

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The collaboration between Devs and Marketers allows companies to unlock hidden synergies in creating a robust marketing plan.


Over the last decade, websites have evolved from being a shop front or notice board to becoming jacks of all trades. They are expected to advertise products, boost sales, collect data, and create smooth customer experiences. However, bloated designs, weak or improper tech infrastructure, and functionality have rendered many corporate firms' websites totally unmanageable. The issue is not that we expect websites to accomplish too much; rather, in many cases, the design and development approaches, as well as the infrastructure that supports them, have simply not kept up.

Today, e-commerce businesses can solve these problems at the development stage with an architectural pattern, also known as JAMStack. Pre-rendering and decoupling are the essence of JAMStack, which enables sites and applications to be deployed with greater certainty and reliability than ever before.

During the build process, JAMStack prebuilds the whole front end into highly efficient static pages and assets. Pre-rendering sites allow them to be delivered straight from a Content Delivery Network, lowering the cost, complexity, and danger of using dynamic servers as crucial infrastructure.

In this article, we dive into the need for devs and marketers to work hand-in-hand to create the ideal website ever for businesses.

Why Devs & Marketers Should Jam Together?

Enhance Transparency

Marketers should be transparent as to what they desire, and developers should be upfront about how much they can deliver. With that, both parties will be able to communicate effectively on implementing the best solutions to produce an efficient website for the business.

Boost Efficiency

Efficiency is essential for a business to grow, and this is no different when marketers and devs collaborate. With an open and honest communication, both parties are aware of what is expected of them and can set appropriate goals. Nobody will be in the dark, and no rash assumptions will be made. Since their goals are in line, both teams will be able to function efficiently. Who wouldn't want to improve their business efficiency?

The Optimal Workflow for Marketers & Devs

Now that we understand how important it is for marketers and devs to collaborate, it is time to discover how to do it. Each team is responsible for completing a certain task in order to create the ideal website.

Marketers Investigate the IssueMarketers and development teams often work together to typically address issues. The marketer begins by investigating the issue, its sources, and the probable solution that can be implemented. To effectively address an issue, both parties must be on the same page regarding what the problem is and why it is occurring.
Marketers Defines the ProblemThe investigation is completed once marketers identify the problem. Then, they can pass the baton on to the devs, who will devise a strategy to solve the issue that has been highlighted.
Devs Determines ScopeThe dev team can now determine the solution's scope like how much has to be fixed or updated, and how long it will take to do so.
The Design is CreatedEither the marketer or the developer can offer a design to align the proposed solution with the marketing's vision and objectives.
Results are Delivered by DevsThe dev team will then code the solution and implement the results on the website.

In this technological age, the marketing industry is becoming more technical. As a result, marketers will require even more assistance from developers. Poor coordination between these teams will result in a fragmented, costly, and time-consuming communication attempt. Devs can avoid this by working with their marketing colleagues to help them understand all of their marketing technology choices and what they need to do to get the greatest long-term outcomes. In essence, it will result in improved knowledge sharing, reduced segregation, and increased joint goals and coordination.

Author Bio: Hanna Jordan is a Content Marketing Manager at a software development company CodeIT. Hanna's primary focus is a fusion of technology, small business, and marketing. In love with the world of information technology, startups, and the latest tech trends, and therefore she always has something to write on.

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