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A Comprehensive Guide to Creating a Compelling Whiteboard Animation Video

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Posted 2 weeks ago on November 16th, 2022.

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Have you ever seen videos where it appears as though someone is discussing something while writing a story on a whiteboard? Yes, those are "whiteboard animation" videos. Whiteboard animation video is an innovative way of storytelling using drawings on a digital whiteboard. These videos are used to explain complex messages, making videos more entertaining and engaging for the viewers. Whiteboard animation not only allures marketers but also tempts the audience’s eye.

There is a lot more exciting about whiteboard animation videos. Do you want to know about it? So, let’s go on a wild journey to learn more about whiteboard animation.

Here we go!

Is Whiteboard Animation Effective?

Whether whiteboard animation is effective or not, you must be wondering? Whiteboard videos are successful because of their potent mix. Of course, they are effective and have a significant impact on emotions.

Through storytelling, ideas, messages, and facts are given a "special delivery" into the minds and imaginations of listeners. Precisely, whiteboard animation production integrates a strong screenplay, expert voiceover, rich artwork, and fluid animation.

Whiteboard animation is not new, but its precision and uniqueness have captured contemporary audiences' attention. More people are turning to videos to learn and grasp complex concepts, which is why this medium is more popular than ever for business ideas.

Due to their amusing nature, whiteboard animation production is now more popular than large text blocks. Millions of organizations use whiteboard animation techniques for promotional objectives, making whiteboard videos a craze. These videos are a good fit to add value to a brand.

What’s Unique in Whiteboard Animation?

We are all aware that explainer videos come in several forms, and whiteboard animation is one of them. Each sort of explainer video has a particular style that sets it apart from the others.

The explainer videos that use whiteboards typically differ from those that use 2D animation or motion graphics. It has a white background with a sketching hand that can draw in color or black and white based on the need and branding requirements.

Five Steps of Whiteboard Animation Production

Till now, we know the effectiveness and uniqueness of whiteboard animation; it’s time to delve deeper into the process to learn what steps this video production follows.

1.      Good Script

You need a well-written script that expresses everything precisely, just like a high-quality video. Your script must address the following issues if you are creating a whiteboard animation video for a company that you run:

  • What issue is your intended audience trying to solve?
  • What solution do you have for that issue?
  • How does your offering (product or service) aim to address that issue?
  • Why do customers pick your product over those of your competitors?

The responses to these questions will help you decide what message you want to convey through your animation video to your intended audience.

Never forget that your message should primarily focus on your potential customer’s problems instead of the uniqueness or features of your product.

2.      Easy Storyboard

Making a storyboard is the next and most crucial phase in whiteboard animation after scriptwriting is completed.

The whiteboard animation storyboards are a comic book description that gives the production team a rundown of every scene in your video.

Storyboards for whiteboard animation are different from those for other marketing videos because there won't be a whiteboard video if every frame, even those in the storyboard, is disconnected from one another.

Because a whiteboard video shows someone creating an illustration on a whiteboard in the form of a story, the storyboard for a whiteboard animation doesn't require many transitions.

3.      Demonstrate Your Ideas

When making any marketing video, one thing to remember is to show your points in a way that will help your audience understand them and encourage them to take action in your favor.

The same strategy will work for whiteboard animation, where each frame needs to be related to the next and adequately convey your ideas.

For beginners, creating the same idea or script cannot be easy. Then, to make sure everything goes smoothly, you should work with experienced and skilled illustrators and animators who specialize in this genre. You can also get whiteboard animation services from a top-notch company for your project.

4.      The Whiteboard Animation

Once you're done storyboarding, it's time to bring your whiteboard animation to life. Previously, this method was developed by recording a person creating the artwork in real time. But now companies digitize the hand action.

Even if you don't enjoy traditional whiteboard animation with hand-drawn illustrations, you can still add some character animation to it to raise the overall caliber of your video.

5.      The Post-Production

At this point in developing a whiteboard animation video, you also add music, voiceovers, sound effects, and finishing touches.

You don't have to wait till the preceding stages are finished or concluded to start on this step while working on the others.

Recording during the narration, when the script is ready, is highly recommended as it helps determine the animation's actual time and video duration.

Use sound effects and music to strengthen your video's storytelling. Never try to overwhelm it because doing so will disturb the viewers. There should be other audio in your video and a lower volume to make your animation more captivating.

Furthermore, remember to hire a native speaker for the narration; it will help build a connection and resonate with the audience.

The Closing 

There are several ways to use whiteboard animated videos as a marketing tool. It's a type that encourages learning in your audience while also being captivating enough to make learning seem entertaining and creative.

You should employ whiteboard animation in your videos to properly convey complicated concepts and complex issues to your audience since people learn more effectively when they are entertained through visual content.

Your target audience can be introduced to your business, brand, product, or service, and you can describe how it can help solve the issue using whiteboard animation production.