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7 Reasons to Use Content Automation System

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Posted 1 year ago on January 15th, 2022. Last modified on January 26th, 2022

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Every business is trying to win customers with its content marketing strategies. In this cat and mouse chase, where one business tries to up the other, manual marketing methods may not prove beneficial. This is where automated content marketing steps in.

In a nutshell, automated content marketing is the use of advanced systems and software for creating, publishing, and distributing content. What content automation actually is can be misunderstood.

Some people might think that robots will be writing our blogs and creating digital marketing strategies. But we are not there yet. Rather, automated content marketing means automating the mundane and repetitive tasks involved in content creation.

Now that we have understood what automated content marketing is, let's have a look at why you need content automation systems.

Content Management Made Easy

Content automation can be the best choice when it comes to content management. It will be a huge task if this has to be done manually. Fortunately, you can find platforms that are easy to use such as no-code content automation tools. 

Such tools take care of all the manual effort the developer has to put in in order to manage the content of the website. For instance, when one has to automate the creatives, which include the visual content part of the eCommerce website, these platforms help to automate and manage the visual elements even without knowing how to code.

The content can be automated in the platform and can directly be applied to the website you’re developing or updating. This way, content automation can be very useful in reducing human error and bringing in more efficiency.

Improves Tracking and Analysis

Customer tracking and analysis have become vital in today’s competitive world. Customer profiling can help target products to the customer in a consistent manner, which can increase sales. Advanced content marketing tools with machine learning capabilities can automate the process with higher accuracy. It also helps free human resources that would otherwise be needed for the task.

Similarly, robotic process automation (RPA) content automation tools can be used for marketing strategies such as A/B testing. An automation tool can automatically collect, track, and analyze the data that can help create better marketing strategies.

There’s more! Content automation systems can also be used for competitor analysis. It helps find out your competitors’ top-selling products, most-visited webpages, content keywords used most often, and other valuable metrics. All this is done with just a few clicks. Analyzing this data and creating a marketing strategy based on it can help you beat your competitor in their own game.

Saves Time

There is no doubt that automation saves time. But by how much when compared to traditional methods? A lot! According to research, content automation systems can help save about seventy-four percent of the time spent in manual methods.

Businesses tend to waste a lot of time in repetitive manual processes in social media posting, generating blog ideas, following up with leads, and scanning emails, etc. With a content automation system in place, the resources spent on these tasks can be freed. They can be utilized for other important tasks.

For example, eCommerce companies have to spend a lot of time replying to customer queries. An automated content marketing tool with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities can read and reply to emails without human intervention, helping save time.

Reduces Cost

One of the biggest benefits that businesses derive from using content automation systems is reduced costs. This goes hand in hand with the point mentioned above as time saved = money saved, since time is money, after all.

Automated content marketing tools forgo the need for hiring people. It also helps save costs which are spent for job postings, job advertising, and other processes. Similarly, businesses also end up saving the salaries that are needed to be paid while the newly-recruited employee is being trained to do the job.

By implementing a content automation system, businesses can cut the recruitment part out, increase their productivity, and save money in the long run.

Generates High-Quality Leads

Generating leads is not enough. You need high-quality leads that can bring in business and growth opportunities. And content automation systems can ensure exactly that!

With these systems, businesses can create personalized marketing campaigns. These campaigns can be used to target the intended audience across various platforms.

Creating content without any segmentation in today’s world is frustrating and worthless. Thus, use an automated content marketing tool to ensure that your messages are being delivered to the right people. It also makes them feel special.

Moreover, content automation systems also enhance visibility and help track leads exactly where they are in the sales funnel. They can also send automated messages, further increasing the chances of sales conversion.

For example, a content automation system can send automatic emails to the leads at predetermined times. Similarly, they can also set automatic reminders for your sales team to contact the leads. Thus, the overall lead generation, tracking, and conversion process are enhanced with an automated content marketing system.

Enhances Workflow

The manual, mundane, and repetitive tasks are handled by the content automation system. This means that your workforce has more time to dedicate to content creation and building customer relationships. They don’t have to spend their time doing non-productive tasks.

Similarly, communication gaps between different departments can be solved with a content automation system. For example, a content automation system streamlines the workflow by providing every concerned employee with the latest update regarding the work process. Thus, every member of the project, is on the same page. This helps eliminate the delay and communication gaps usually experienced.

Boosts Creativity

Employees working in the content department crave creativity. But, if the same employees keep doing repetitive tasks, their creativity is hampered. When you implement a content automation system, you are freeing the employees from their regular, boring duties. They can focus their creativity where it is needed the most.

This results in the creation of enhanced, engaging, and unique marketing campaigns. These campaigns get a great response from the target audience. And a creative team also means a happy team. Employees get to work on things they love doing the most. Thus, they tend to be happier and more loyal towards the organization. Businesses save money with employee retention too.

Parting Takeaways

Content automation systems have the potential to transform your content marketing strategies completely. This, in turn, will result in improved customer satisfaction, lead generation and conversion, and business growth. And automated content marketing is here to stay. As per research, the spending on marketing automation is expected to reach around twenty-five billion by 2023. The growth rate is expected to be fourteen percent. With such statistics, can you afford to stay away from implementing automated content marketing? The answer is - definitely not! So, invest in a content automation system as soon as you can to reap the benefits.