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7 Reasons to Automate Your Company’s Business Processes

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Posted 9 months ago on April 22nd, 2022.

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Experienced small business and startup owners believe that in 2022, it’s impossible to run a prosperous business without having business processes automated. Why? Check further.

Global experts in the sphere of customer relationships have found out that nearly 70 percent of existing businesses could disappear, and clients wouldn’t care. More than half a million people were surveyed around the world and the majority expect better client relationships from companies. Currently, there exist numerous methods to gain it. However, they are all a failure without automation in business.

Businesses and startups that have adopted the contemporary tendencies in technology are enjoying the advantages of automation that optimize and upgrade a traditional workday as well as convert it into a robust pre-condition for performance. This is because business process automation reduces the peril of widespread human mistakes in vital industries, such as engineering, manufacturing, banking, healthcare, education, and telecommunications.

So, what is the greatest time to automate business processes? What types of business processes can/can’t be automated? In this article, you will get clear and substantial answers to those questions. To convince you to take your next powerful leap into boosted business optimization, the focus will be on 7 reasons to automate your company’s business processes in 2022.

Before we go to the top 7 reasons, let’s start with the phenomenon of business process automation itself and how it differs from business process management.

About Business Process Automation

Business process automation relates to the implementation and indexing of a connected pack of software apps to automate processes within a business/startup’s departments without the requirement for human engagement.

Samples of business process automation involve payroll processing, client support, leave apps, inventory control, etc. In sum, this greatest business practice invests in general enhanced productivity.

Business Process Automation or Business Process Management

Frequently, people that belong to the world of business (even the most experienced ones) mix up two notions: business process automation and business process management. Let’s clarify the issue now.

While business process automation accentuates digitizing workflows, business process management refers to supervising those workflows from the start to the end. Business process automation possesses many common features with other automation types, for instance, robotic process automation or digital process automation.

Robotic Process Automation

It applies bots that copy human behavior to perform rule-based/repetitive activities that possess specific inputs/outputs. Robotic process automation is utilized for a wide range of time-consuming knowledge activities, such as data entry/mapping/processing, customer onboarding, and so on.

Digital Process Automation

This is considered a method of implementing digital tech to automate procedures as well as improve workflows. Digital process automation accentuates automating activities that include human collaboration in management, marketing, or sales. It optimizes the effectiveness delivered by business process management solutions to clients, contractors, and other stakeholders, thus enhancing customer experiences.

7 Reasons to Automate Business Processes in 2022

Business and startup owners should integrate business process automation this year due to the following reasons.

Upgraded Operational Effectiveness

The advantages of automation involve minimized stress levels as well as elevated performance. All those things get possible with a simple push of a button. Moreover, this means that humans won’t require to manually make sure that one activity is in progress or completed to start executing the next phase.

By reducing delays/errors in workflow, business process automation software significantly encourages better process efficiency in the whole office.

Improved Cost-Efficiency

Certain business processes require to be executed manually because there doesn’t exist a better option to go. At the same time, there are also procedures that can reap the profit from getting automated. Here, the minimization of costs swings into action. By organizing business process automation, resources can be implemented optimally while strongly expanding revenue.

Wonderful Client Service

The pluses of automated platforms also include client service.

The mission of automation consists in organizing things quicker and simpler. That is why in 2022, the majority of businesses and startups have been making the best use of automated client service solutions. Most probably, you have already faced this kind of business process automation traditionally in the form of chatbots that deliver assistance 24/7.

Chatbots are apps enriched with the ability to apply AI, natural language processing, and machine learning to cooperate with humans. These solutions are commonly extremely effective and responsive which means they guarantee that the client receives the solution they are searching for.

Slight Digital Doc Supervision

Businesses and startups need digital doc management to reduce the effort, stress, and time that is commonly spent on manually processing data.

As soon as automation gets integrated into your doc management, you will relish a simplified process that focuses mainly on data rationalization, retrieval, storage, and sharing. The greatest moment is that your company can work with docs from around the globe with strengthened cyber safety that guarantees the security of confidential data.

Apart from delivering unique safety and accuracy, the automation of doc management ensures slighter processes that upgrade workflow performance tens of times. Selecting a credible engineering business solutions contractor to manage your docs is one of the most vital decisions for a company. Such contractors can be found at Engre .

Optimized Staff Leave Applications

Handling, sending, and monitoring employee vacation/leave requests frequently demand much time. In 2022, businesses and startups can infuse brand-new life into this business process via automation. How?

After an employee completes a leave request with the help of a certain digital system, it gets forwarded to the individual in charge for confirmation. This automated business process provides staff with entire visibility to detect the route of confirmation for their pending leave applications.

Finally, digital leave requests exclude the requirement for paper-generated requests. This supports you not only reduce expenses but also minimize your business’s carbon effect in the process.

Better Logistics Control

Automating logistics control leads to enhancing communication with clients, distributors, and suppliers. In 2022, businesses and startups can effortlessly initiate digitizing manual activities, such as client support, order status tracking, and inventory monitoring.

This feature enables companies to handle orders quicker, improve performance, and generate a unique client service experience.

Advanced Teamwork

Business process automation is ideal for bringing your business to novel heights of profitability and effectiveness. However, it is also perfect for developing better teamwork as automation has the power to deliver a conflict-free work atmosphere for your team to perform the job smoothly.

When the daily routine is quicker, simpler, and comfier, your team will perform the job with a minimum of stress and more energy to accentuate getting things executed the smartest way.

The Best Areas to Integrate Business Process Automation in 2022

Is it required to make all business processes automated in the company? When it comes to engaging business process automation in a company, there is frequently very little certainty as to the processes that should/shouldn’t be automated. Meet 5 kinds of activities that are common for the majority of companies:

  • Repetitive tasks are routine activities that don’t need any specific knowledge, qualification, skills, or human interference but are highly exposed to mistakes. This is traditionally manual data entry, copy-paste input, and other clerical work. Introducing automation should optimize the speed and accuracy of routine activities by utilizing integration and automation bots;
  • Departmental tasks (for instance, expense confirmation/tracking) guarantee that a department is operating. However, it doesn’t have an impact on the core business product. Introducing automation should support minimizing departmental tasks with no-code/low-code applications that deal with procedures that would otherwise include challenging-to-handle docs/spreadsheets sent via email;
  • Administrative activity is a must for supporting other kinds of activities in core business operations. Regardless of being high-stakes work, it predominantly needs moderate qualifications to perform. Administrative activity may refer to compliance docs for numerous regulatory bodies. Utilizing automation should help to partially get rid of paperwork as well as regulatory compliance by bringing proper management/ digitizing for various kinds of docs;
  • Cross-enterprise activities presuppose various departments collaborating on tasks, such as loan confirmation or processing insurance claims. Applying automation can assist in maintaining comprehensive client experiences with mere processing, while also delivering the integration of unique business operations from across a company into one practice harmonized with clients’ needs;
  • Expert work (for example, customized consultation) can’t get entirely automated because it needs human interference. Using automation can remove routine activities as well as optimize the performance of an expert’s activity by keeping track of key details and introducing deeper recommendations/insights for action.

Business Processes Impossible to Automate

You see, business processes automation can bring many bonuses for businesses and startups. But the reality is that not all business processes can be automated in 2022. This serves as both a challenge and inspiration to act for the contemporary engineering industry. So, let’s look at what such processes are:

  • Processes that theoretically involve emotions can’t (and shouldn’t) be totally automated. These involve specific HR processes, such as delivering feedback, change management, the offboarding experience, and so on;
  • Processes that presuppose critical thinking capabilities as well as integrated decision-making. Though it is achievable to automate confirmations and rejections with core business conditions/policies, the human intellect must be involved in performing more integrated decisions. If there is comprehensive decision-making to be executed, utilizing automation can optimize the process by delivering strategic oversight with the help of detailed reporting;
  • Processes that don’t include a fixed structure or undergo modifications frequently are frequently challenging to automate as it’s problematic to figure out specific conditions/rules that can be utilized regarding such a process.