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50+ Time-Saving Print Templates for Adobe InDesign & Photoshop

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Posted 6 years ago on August 22nd, 2016. Last modified on September 27th, 2019

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Have no time? No problem! These ready-to-edit templates are professional and convenient... and great value to boot.

creative card

Whether you’re a relative beginner to graphic design or just need to save time, these templates are fantastic for allowing you to get started with the fun stuff more quickly. Scroll down to find our top picks for magazine, flyer, business stationery, menu and packaging templates that are ready for you to edit and print.

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1. If You’re Looking for... a Magazine Template

Magazines can be time-consuming and fiddly to set up. But there’s no need to worry about masters, page numbers, running headers or structure when you use a template, so it’s great for when you’re short on time. Below you can find our pick of the most creative and contemporary designs to help give you that head start on your publishing project.

Worried that a template won’t look true to your own style? You can find stylish designs that can be easily adapted to your own content by simply switching up colors, fonts, and images. Check out this tutorial on customizing a magazine template to see how simple it can be to make your design feel completely unique: 

Photographic Magazine

Searching for the perfect template for showcasing photography? Your hunt is over. This photo magazine template is perfectly designed for displaying dramatic photos to their full potential, making it perfect for current affairs, lifestyle, fashion and nature titles.

photo magazine
Photographic Magazine Template

Minimal Magazine

Sometimes designs don’t need fuss to shout the loudest. This minimal, stripped-back design is beautiful to look at and is ready to be adapted to almost any kind of magazine content.

minimal magazine
Minimal Magazine Template

Fashion Magazine

If you’re looking for a template that’s suited to high-end fashion, this is a great choice. The clean fonts and subtle frames give the design a contemporary, on-trend look that will help your fashion shots to look more expensive and aspirational. This would also adapt really well to lifestyle and design titles.

fashion magazine
Fashion Magazine Template

Magazine Covers

Everyone needs a great magazine cover template to hand. This will allow you to experiment with the look of different photos, fonts and colors without putting in days of work. Perfect for showcasing cover options in a meeting or simply for switching up design options with ease.

cover template
Magazine Covers Template

Lifestyle Magazine

If you’re designing a lifestyle or food magazine, you’re going to want to find a template that looks elegant and modern, helping to showcase your photos and articles in their very best light. This template has quirky features, like rounded image frames, which adds a bit of edge, but the pared-back choice of fonts and color palette keep it firmly in sophisticated territory.

lifestyle template
Lifestyle Magazine Template

Square Magazine

If you’re producing a limited edition magazine or just want something a bit different to the norm, this square magazine template might be just the ticket. Half the size, but with twice the impact, the quirky cubic layout would be fantastic for displaying photos or art or for adapting into a product catalogue. The printing costs will be lower too.

square template
Square Magazine Template

Art Magazine

Feeling arty? You’ve come to the right place—this art magazine template is specifically adapted for cultural publications, with a super-stylish layout and plenty of elegant white space. Print on matte recycled paper for the ultimate art-chic look.

art magazine
Art Magazine Template

Sports Magazine

Sports and car magazines have a lot of competition on the shelf, so you need to make sure your magazine is going to stand out. This black-and-white design uses slab fonts, neon yellow captions and punchy, in-your-face layouts that won’t fail to attract attention.

Sports Magazine
Sports Magazine Template

Nature & Travel Magazine

Travel magazines need to look zen and adrenalin-pumping in equal measure: no easy feat! This adventurous template manages to strike the perfect balance, keeping the text classic and elegant while allowing images to take center stage within fluid frames.

adventure magazine
Adventure Magazine Template

Corporate Magazine

We’ve all needed to create something corporate at some point, but it can be difficult to design something that looks both creative and professional. This modern template brings a much-needed arty touch to an otherwise traditionally corporate style. Bright pops of color, transparencies, and geometric frames help to create layouts that are stylish and clear. Stick to black-and-white photography to keep the design looking ultra-elegant.

modern magazine
Corporate Magazine Template

Architecture & Interior Design Magazine

Architecture and interior design titles can demand some of the best magazine designs. After all, they’re showcasing the best of art, buildings, and lifestyle design. It’s a big challenge, but this stylish template will give you a helping hand. Bringing in lots of white space and keeping a thin white border around full-page photos gives the whole design an edgy, futuristic look.

stylish magazine
Architecture Magazine Template

2. If You’re in Desperate Need of... a Flyer Template

So your client needs a brochure or flyer within the day—panic stations, right? Not so if you have a template to hand. You can choose from a range of easily adaptable styles and themes, from corporate events to club nights, and you won’t have to worry about setting up sizing or print-ready color—these helpful little fellas have done all the hard work for you.

Summer Flyer

Summer may be almost over (*sob*) but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the party going. Tropical prints, clean type and a minimal frame make this summer flyer design feel completely on-trend—it’s the perfect choice for advertising late summer events.

summer flyer
Summer Flyer Template

Club Night Flyer

Thought club flyers were tacky? Think again! This nightlife design layers grungy textures and sunset colors for a more atmospheric and glamorous look. Simply swap in your image of choice and you’re good to go.

club night flyer
Club Night Flyer Template

Food Flyer

Customers won’t want to throw this food flyer straight in the bin. The chalky slab type and spacious layout make it a pleasure to look at. It’s a no-brainer for when you need a food or drink flyer quickly.

food flyer
Food Flyer Template

Fitness Flyer

Want to motivate people to head to your gym or fitness class? By using bold color, shouty slab type and dramatic monochrome photography that appears to jump out at you from the page, this fitness flyer template won’t fail to get people motivated and through the door.

fitness flyer
Fitness Flyer Template

Festival Flyer

This festival flyer would adapt well to any autumn event. We love the warm colors, bold leaf graphic, and cut-out text effect. It’s certainly pretty enough to be displayed in the home for months to come.

festival flyer
Festival Flyer Template

Corporate Flyer

Corporate flyers don’t have to be dull. Livening up your design with tech-inspired graphics and bold color will help to catch the eye, whether you’re advertising an electronics sale or a firm’s services. This cool template avoids the over-crowded effect often suffered by corporate flyers by devoting half of the page to a bold photo.

corporate flyer
Corporate Flyer Template

Colorful Corporate Brochure

If you’re looking for something that’s still business-appropriate but has a bit more edge, say for advertising a creative business like an architecture firm or a design agency, this template really cuts the mustard. A zingy color overlay helps unite the whole brochure.

corporate brochure
Colorful Corporate Brochure Template

Trifold Brochure

Trifold brochures may look simple, but they can take some time to set up on the computer. This template does the hard work for you, and makes great use of a strong orange/black color scheme too.

Trifold brochure
Trifold Brochure Template

Fun & Colorful Brochure

Need something a bit more... fun? This brochure template uses a rainbow of color and circular graphics to soften the design. It would work really well for almost any informal purpose—advertising kids’ products, a holiday flash sale, or a supermarket promotion. 

fun brochure
Fun Brochure Template

Minimal Photography Brochure

Pared-back brochures work amazingly well for fashion and retail brands. Try adapting this black-and-white style for a cool clothing catalogue and watch the sales roll in!

minimal brochure
Minimal Photography Brochure Template

Catalogue Brochure

It may not be the most exciting thing to design, but most retail companies will still produce a print catalogue that customers can order via or can simply view the full product range. This catalogue template is set up as a square 8 by 8 inches bi-fold layout, perfect for picking up and taking away. 

Catalogue Brochure Template

3. If You’re On the Hunt for... Business Stationery

Letterheads and business cards are key to helping a company present itself well, but they’re often overlooked at the initial stages of branding and setting up a business. If you or your client have neglected the business stationery, there’s no need to delay trading—these templates are ready to go and can suit a wide range of industries and brand looks.

Vintage Business Card

This business card template takes the vintage trend and makes it feel contemporary. We love the strong black/cream color combination and ultra-legible text. Great for freelancers and small businesses who want to tap into the retro trend.

vintage card
Vintage Business Card Template

Corporate Photographic Business Card

Looking to give a more creative twist to a corporate card? With clever use of geometric diamond-shaped frames, this card template helps you to integrate a photo into the design in a subtle way. With its clean white layout and small-scale logo, this template will make your corporate clients love you.

photo business card
Photographic Business Card Template

Black Tech Business Card

If you want to make your business look tech-forward, these matte black cards are a perfect choice. Available with different colored highlights and a range of app-inspired icons, these have a serious, futuristic vibe which will impress any potential customer.

black tech cards
Black Tech Business Card Template

Creative Freelancer Business Card

Go to any creative networking event and it seems more than likely you’ll walk away with fistfuls of intricate, cleverly designed business cards. But whose card do you reach for when you need to find someone for the job quickly? This is where minimal, clear and legible cards come into their own. This minimal card looks stylish and, quite frankly, just does the job. A great all-rounder for any creative freelancer.

minimal cards
Creative Freelancer Business Card Template

Photography Business Card

If you’re an event or portrait photographer, you’ll need to get hold of a professional-looking business card that you’ll be proud to hand out to potential new clients. This photo card template allows you to showcase some of your best photos in an unconventional style. We love the fan-like detail over the frame and the fluid divider between image and text.

photo card
Photography Business Card Template

Creative Business Card

If you’re on the hunt for a business card that’s completely special, this beautiful template may be just what you’ve been looking for. The gorgeous colors and 3D-style graphics are offset by completely minimal text and icons. A lovely choice for all kinds of creatives and design businesses. 

creative business card
Creative Business Card

Minimal Letterhead

Letterheads are an unfortunate necessity of life. Every company needs branded stationery, but it’s not always the most fun thing to design. So skip that part completely and invest in this minimal template. You can you this as a great foundation for corporate stationery—why not embellish with graphics and different logos to create completely unique, fresh styles?

minimal letterhead
Minimal Letterhead Template

Colorful Corporate Letterhead

Available in a range of colors, this elegant letterhead gives a twist to a classic corporate style.

elegant letterhead
Colorful Corporate Letterhead

Modern Branded Stationery Set

A whole stationery set for just $12? Yep, you read that right. Buying a complete stationery set template might be the best-value investment you ever make. This subtle, modern design includes a letterhead, invoice, business card, envelope and more.

modern stationery
Modern Branded Stationery Set

Minimal Stationery Set

Can’t wait to get your paws on a complete stationery set but need something a little less corporate? This stylish grey and white design is top of our wishlist.

minimal stationery
Minimal Stationery Set

Striped Stationery Set

Add a bit of go-faster flair to your stationery with this bold red striped design. Great for sporty brands.

striped stationery
Striped Stationery Set

Colorful Stationery Set

Your customers will be delighted to receive a letter in the post when it looks this good. A beautiful geometric design helps lift this stationery set into more creative territory, but it would work equally well for corporate firms looking for a modern rebrand. Tweak the colors to make the design feel more unique.

colorful stationery
Colorful Stationery Set

4. If You Really, Really Need... a Menu

Your client’s restaurant is opening tonight and they haven’t even thought about how they’re going to present the food options to customers. There’s no need to break into a sweat—these menu templates come in all shapes and sizes. You’ll be sure to find one to suit, from casual street-food styles to more formal and fancy designs.

Glamorous Menu

The Seventies are enjoying a huge comeback across the design board, and this glamorous menu template picks up on the best style features of the decade. Dark, moody backgrounds and images contrast with sunset colors and stark white text to create a cool, edgy design.

glam menu
Glamorous Menu Template

Map Menu

If vintage quirk is more your bag, this menu design has it in buckets. The map background and aged textures are juxtaposed against neon text for a modern take on antique-chic.

map menu
Map Menu Template

Cocktail Menu

The bright, zesty colors and retro-inspired script font have us dreaming of days on the Italian seaside. This stylish menu would work well for any bar, pub or hotel looking to bring a bit of sunny optimism into their menu designs.

cocktail menu
Cocktail Menu Template

Pizzeria Menu

Perfect for modern pizzerias or food trucks, this rustic, hand-drawn menu template has personality and style. 

pizza menu
Pizzeria Menu Template

Elegant Menu

Need something a bit more formal? This elegant menu uses a monochrome palette and serif type to create a pared-back, classic design. Perfect for restaurants looking to score a Michelin star.  

elegant menu
Elegant Menu Template

Pop Art Drinks Menu

This drinks menu has a bold, graphic look that would suit urban, modern bar settings. The strong type and pop art graphics help this menu to feel exciting and glamorous.

drinks menu
Drinks Menu Template

Coffee Shop Menu

A simple one-page menu that’s perfect for attaching to clipboards. This is a great solution if you or your client are on a restricted budget—these can be printed on a home printer and easily disposed of and replaced when they get dirty.

coffee menu
Coffee Shop Menu

Juice Bar Menu

We like the hand-drawn style of this soothing juice bar menu. This is also a convenient one-sheet menu which can be printed at home if you’re short on time and/or cash.

juice menu
Juice Bar Menu

Minimal Menu

Step away from unnecessary color with this elegant black-and-white menu template. Simple, stylish cross-hatching and sophisticated frames make this menu look really classy—the perfect pick for hotels or spas.

minimal menu
Minimal Menu Template

Burger Menu

This on-trend burger menu could easily be adapted to a variety of cuisines, but we think its rustic good looks would be best suited to brunch or fast food menus. Its columned layout allows you to cram in a ton of menu options too.

burger menu
Burger Menu Template

Blackboard Menu

Blackboard styles always look great in informal restaurant and cafe settings. This blackboard template allows you to integrate full-color photos into the layout, which make a nice contrast against chalkboard ribbons and frames.

blackboard menu
Blackboard Menu Template

5. If Right Now All You Want Is... a Packaging Template

Packaging templates not only save time but they’re also often the most sensible route to go down, even if you have some time to spare. Designing a 2D template for a printed 3D product can be tricky, and would usually require multiple phases of printing mock-ups to test how the design folds and stands. These templates have gone through that stage, and they’re simply ready for customizing with your own brand names and colors.

Health Food Bag

Easily adaptable to other food products—try cereal, nuts or sweets—this packet design is subtle, wholesome, and will look great on the shelf.

health food
Health Food Bag Template

Jar Label

A pair of related designs for a honey jar label. Adjust the text and tweak the colors to adapt the label to almost any jarred or tinned product.

honey jar
Jar Label Template

Decorative Box

For the pure ‘wow’ factor, these amazing designs for chocolate packaging are less flexible to adapt, but they sure do look scrumptious. Use them to add detail and interest to chocolate, cocoa, or sugar packaging.

cocoa bag
Decorative Box Template

Beer Label

A good solid beer label template will always be useful. This template is simple and adaptable, and the original design taps into the vintage craft beer trend without going overboard.

beer label
Beer Label Template

Wine Label

Looking for a wine label with a more contemporary look? This painterly design comes in a variety of strong colorways and can be adapted for other alcoholic and soft drink products.

wine label
Wine Label Template

Colorful Box

Box templates can be a nightmare to put together in Illustrator or Photoshop. Skip the hassle by downloading this versatile box template. The design is minimal and colorful, and easy to adapt to almost any product you can imagine.

box template
Colorful Box Template

Soap Packaging

This rustic soap box has more petite proportions—ideal for adapting to cosmetics products or smaller items.

soap box
Soap Box Template

Geometric Tin Label

These tin labels are useful to have to hand and fit a standard small tin. The geometric design is attractive but not product-specific, making it extremely versatile.

tin label
Geometric Tin Labels

Food Packaging With Window

This template is great as it stands for pet-food packaging, but with a few design tweaks you can have a completely unique windowed bag. Try adapting the design to other food products which would benefit from being visible from the outside, like cereal, sweets, or biscuits.

window bag
Packaging with Window

Pizza Box

This colorful pizza box has an attractive design, but you can easily adapt the useful shallow box template to other styles or products. This is also a great box shape for packaging clothes items ordered online.

pizza box
Colorful Pizza Box Template

Flexible Packaging

This packet with window has a strong design that can’t be missed... but strip back the graphics and color and you have an incredibly versatile template for any small product, like confectionery or tea.

window packet
Flexible Packaging Template


Finding the perfect time-saving template is like discovering the Holy Grail of print design. You can focus all your energies on customizing the template with your creative design, and not worry about the technical aspects. It’s a fantastic solution for when you need to produce high-standard client work at short notice, or if you simply want to gain more confidence with the design process and skip the fiddly technical setup. 

You can find even more print templates on Envato Market. Make sure to bookmark the page for when you next need a time-saving helping hand!

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