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5 Unconventional Ways of Building a Community Around Your Business

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Posted 1 year ago on December 20th, 2021.

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Advertising used to be the primary way most businesses made themselves known. Usually, businesses with several ads are the ones that gained popularity and the most attention. But times have changed considerably. Today, most businesses have taken to community building.

Advertising isn't enough anymore. The new way to go about it is through co-creation. That is allowing customers to build your business with you. Look at it as building a niche, where your members feel valued, included, and their voice is heard. Sounds good, right? 

Human connections are essential for a successful business. Hence, having a community built around your business ensures you break through the noise, and your business thrives.

Let's look at various unconventional ways you can build a community around your business.

Grow a Value-driven Presence on Social Media Platforms

The use of social media and newsgroups with the help of usenet providers is an excellent way to engage with your customers. It offers an opportunity for your audience to easily reach you on social media platforms, apart from helping you reach out to your targeted audience. It also allows you to stay engaged with them and respond to their needs immediately. 

But how do you build a community? There are many ways to build a community using your social media platform. Apart from inviting people to follow your account and share your posts. You can use other ways, such as using events to encourage followership in-store or at events. Consider offering discounts for your new followers and fans to make them more interested. 

You can as well try out using hashtags in your posts. Using hashtags helps expose your content to new audiences and encourages them to follow you. For this reason, your content must be appealing enough to inspire people to follow you for more. 

Responding to your audience is also a great way of building a business community. Failing to respond to your followers makes everything feel one-sided. It would be best to show your audience that they are listened to, and their needs are catered for. Otherwise, they will assume your business is self-serving and doesn't care about customer needs. Your presence is vital to your audience.

Create Valuable Rewards

Most of the time, people tend to join teams because they enjoy the rewards of being part of them. This is no different when building a community around your business. Creating rewards not only helps you start a brand community but also helps you in sustaining one. 

Decide on the kind of reward structure you can offer to your clients. Financial incentives are one way to encourage performance and productivity from your customers. It's also an excellent way of recognizing their achievements.

Sending emails is a great alternative too. Try to send emails to the most interactive customers and offer them small discounts. It's a good way of encouraging them to increase their participation and engagement in the future. 

Doing so will always be clear to them how much you appreciate their effort in working with you. Additionally, consider it very important to always be clear about how much you appreciate their feedback. This strategy creates a great sense of community. 

Empower Your Members

A lot of people generally enjoy being in leadership positions. It's no secret that most customers are happier with a brand experience where a company makes an effort to empower them. Most loyal customers are those that feel supported by a business. 

You can achieve this by awarding the long-serving members of your business by giving them more responsibility. That is appointing them as moderators or designated community builders. This process helps grow and build your community as moderators are more likely to share information about your business. 

Sharing information about your business helps build a community surrounding your business.

Be Intentional about Community Building

Having a group of loyal customers or loyal followers does not precisely build a community. You need to consistently seek out people and bring them together. One easy way to go about this is by creating online forums that offer active discussions. 

Online forums offer a space to share information and for other people to participate. It offers a space where customers share what they like about your product or service and the kind of improvements they think the company should make.

Strategically build a forum so that members can trust each other. A thriving community can only exist if it's built on trust.

Identify Your Purpose

For people to align with your brand, you must clarify what your brand stands for. People love associating themselves with like-minded people or brands. You can start by writing on your mission statement, values, and vision to establish your purpose. 

Writing it down and displaying it on your website or discussion forum makes it more accessible to your customers. If they can access it, they can read and comprehend your message, and in turn, they can be able to make informed decisions to join your community. 

This is why you always have to ensure that your content aligns with your purpose. Your content is an excellent way of establishing the identity of your business and selling yourself to potential partners. If your content encourages engagement, then be assured it will go a long way towards building a solid community.

Final Thoughts

To effectively reach potential customers, you need to consider building a community for your business. Building a community is a great way to reaffirm existing customers. Ultimately, it increases the chances of repeat purchases if customers are offered a platform where they feel they are listened to and valued.

Then be assured they will remain loyal to your business. Loyal customers will assist you in getting new customers by sharing your business with their friends and even co-workers. This ultimately helps you build a community surrounding your business. That said, consider implementing some of the ways listed above to create a community for your business.