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5 Types of Copywriting Your Business Must Know

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Posted 3 months ago on July 11th, 2022.

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Copywriting is a critical factor in business promotion. Thus, it's necessary to pay special attention to the quality of texts in any company, regardless of its niche. Consider also that modern copywriting is quite a broad concept. If earlier it only included writing promotional texts, the primary purpose of which was to sell or present a product, copywriting has now become much more extensive.

And representatives of this profession write advertising texts, blog posts, informational articles for websites, and many other types of content. It means a specific kind of copywriting exists for a particular business problem. So this article is about the five main types you can use for your business in 2022.

What is Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of advertising with words. First, 85% of products are nothing fundamentally new. So how does the customer choose if there are 100 vendors in a niche, and each has an identical product? Pretty simple — by description. The one that promotions itself cooler than the others wins. That's what copywriting serves for. Second, 15% of the products are something unique. They have a peculiar feature.

And in this case, copywriting is vital because it helps bring your product's uniqueness to the forefront so that as many people as possible know about it and get interested in your offer. To sum up, copywriting is not about beautiful text. Its primary purpose is conversions. A person who knows how to sell with words is called a copywriter.

Moreover, the advertising article has no clear criteria; only professionals, such as SEO specialists and marketers, can determine the text's quality. But if you need a qualified copywriter or essay writer, you can use the rating of the best writing services to find the right specialist for the specific task of your business.

Main Types of Copywriting for Business

As mentioned above, copywriting is a broad concept. It's not only texts but also scripts for video clips, headlines for banners, naming, and slogans. In addition, a copywriter creates a name for a new product, makes a unique selling proposition (USP) into a beautiful phrase, and interestingly presents the company's advantages. But they are more often engaged in creating content of the following types for businesses.

# 1 Product Copywriting

Naturally, any copywriting is advertising, but here the focus is on your product and the presentation of its features in the market. It requires an understanding of marketing and buyer psychology elements, so it is considered the most in-demand type of writing on the expanses of the commercial Internet.

Copywriters should consider the audience's tastes and write creatively and persuasively. It is also essential to effectively convert large amounts of information into concise and easily readable text. Sales writers study the information about the subject in detail and extract the vital points. Finally, excellent grammar is a must, as mistakes can give the impression of a non-serious and conventionally cheap company.

What it gives to business: conversions, reputation, and image.

# 2 SEO-Copywriting

Every business that wants to operate effectively online should include search engine optimization (SEO) in its working plan. The strategic use of keywords and customer queries helps products or services be found through Google or similar search engines. In this area, strategic thinking is critical.

The copywriter must use search terms born in the target audience's minds. When creating SEO content, the specialist uses creativity and research skills. Nevertheless, it is essential to assess the readability of the text and not to overload it with terms: no one wants to read content stuffed with keywords. Neither does Google.

What it gives to business: an increase in search engine positions and organic traffic (when people come to a website not through advertising but simply by typing a specific query into the search line).

# 3 Website Copywriting

This content is not about the product. It's about the relationship with the audience. You give helpful information, and users return to read it repeatedly. Use this copywriting for your website, which includes mainly a homepage, landing pages, and blog posts. According to a Missouri University of Science and Technology study, the average person spends about 5 seconds reading a site's text before moving on to the next section.

So you have little time to grab a potential customer's attention, engage with them and encourage them to take action. The most important thing you need to do at this stage is to define your goal. Then, each page or section of your website should convey specific information to your users and pursue them to take a particular action.

What it gives to business: returning potential and existing customers; building a reputation as an expert. In addition, regular updating of information on the site is beneficial to search engines.

# 4 Technical Copywriting

It's another more minor sales-oriented type of copywriting, intending to create content that highlights a company's achievements or the proper use of a product, which builds brand credibility. In this case, materials are presented as:

  • Government documents;
  • Industry guidelines;
  • In-depth technical documents.

These activities require in-depth knowledge of the subject matter or a willingness to conduct research. Topics include science and environment, health care, marketing, finance, politics, etc. The technical content must be comprehensive and, at the same time, understandable.

What it gives to business: completeness of information to users (the more data - the more criteria to choose in favor of your business), unique even in the technical content.

# 5 Social Media Copywriting

No modern business can do without it. People spend a significant part of their time on social media, where they shop more often as well. Whether an insurance company or a real estate agency, maintaining a business account on social media makes your brand recognizable, so it's worth approaching this issue strategically.

The most important thing to remember when writing social media posts is to consider the platform standards: Facebook vs. Twitter, Instagram vs. LinkedIn, YouTube vs. TikTok. If you're focused on your business's social media presence, adapt your copywriting to the conventions of each platform to figure out what works, and then keep refining it.

And don't forget about emojis 👀 because they also work. The study by Zazzle Media claims that posts with emojis have a 57% higher like rate, a 33% comment rate, and a 33% higher share rate.

What it gives to business: increasing brand awareness in social networks.


For the services of a copywriter to pay off profitably, you should decide on your goals, based on which to choose an author who is strong in one direction or another. Don’t underestimate the text content of the site. It should be of high quality. Delegating such tasks to professionals, the business owner saves dozens of hours of personal time and, as a result, gets influential texts that help the product find its customers in an endless ocean of information.

Do we all agree that Coffee is the fuel that feeds the free content creating?