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5 Top CRMs Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

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Posted 2 years ago on June 15th, 2021. Last modified on September 3rd, 2021

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About 90% of companies are using CRMs as a scheme to reinforce trust with customers. It’s not a choice but the essence of doing business. By adopting this technology, you can get an edge over your rivals as 24% of sellers hardly know about CRM. 

Moreover, 40% still use simple methods like spreadsheets to cache their client data. Many well-known companies have already forfeited the old ways in favor of CRMs. Hence, it becomes vital for you as a real estate professional to adopt new technology to pace up against them. 

Customer relationship management software is a beneficial tool for developing business. There are various Real Estate CRM for improving work efficiency and increasing sales. So if you want to know the 5 Top CRMs, then read the entire article.

1.  HubSpot - The All in One CRM Solution

When it comes to selling fast and growing your market, there is no match to HubSpot. It features tools that can automate tasks and help real estate agencies unify their system in one place. Additionally, it features email templates, contact management, and meeting schedules.

HubSpot is the ideal choice for small firms and includes free versions for sales, marketing, and service hub products. In addition to this HubSpot, users can also sync data in real-time to gain more precise insights. It is beneficial for small firms as it serves you the core CRM features for free.

User Reviews

HubSpot is a top-class CRM that has been rated number one by users due to leads, insights, and software automation. More than 60,000 firms are using it for powering their campaigns and user channels. Further, the G2 grid scoring places HubSpot on the top due to its marketing automation, web content, and analytics feature.

2. The Real Estate CRM

The Real Estate CRM is another great option for real estate specialists since it provides customization at an affordable price. One of its top features is the ability to respond quickly with automated email and text alerts. You can also use its filter to make sure the workflow is smooth and efficient.

It features a robust CRM that can improve real estate lead generation and customer regulations. Its automated technology will help in growing your business. Although it is a relatively new software, it is already gaining popularity among Real Estate professionals.

Users Review

Many users find the platform easy to use with mobile and desktop versatility. Some have hailed customer care as very supportive in easing confusion. Meanwhile, many are accepting that the Real Estate CRM provides a variety of features at a lesser cost as compared to competitors.

3. Pipedrive - The Choice of a Sales Team

Handling records manually can be challenging in the real estate business. Therefore, you need a CRM to improve your marketing, sales, and invoicing criteria. Pipedrive has many features, which makes it a unique management solution for markets.

The custom columns and filter option in Pipedrive make it easier to track your overdue tasks and manage time. Moreover, the scheduler is one piece of gold that glitters your sales. These features can be beneficial with things such as follow-ups and initial sales.

User Reviews

People think that Pipedrive is excellent and affordable in comparison to other CRMs. Moreover, many seem satisfied with its user interface, and it is one of the reasons. Due to which people are coming to this platform. The filter option of this CRM is also great, which has made it possible to make things more specific.

4. Liondesk as a Tool for Real Estate Professionals

Liondesk is a CRM for meeting the needs of real estate agents. Hence, real estate marketers can easily manage leads distribution, campaigns, and contacts. Further, the platform makes it possible to give priorities to tasks and assign them to a specific team.

Inflation of your real estate business relies upon the steps you take to make your dealings more prolific than the others. By using Liondesk, you get the chance to avail features such as Data analysis, leads generation, and tracking.

Users Reviews

Based on the reviews on getapp.com, 77% of users have left positive feedback on this CRM. Moreover, 79% of people would like to suggest it to a friend. It has also won admiration from users due to easy navigation, lead, and contact management.

5. Streak CRM for Real Estate

Streak is a unique CRM that combines with Gmail to convert it into a customer management platform. It also allows you to prioritize your emails according to your clients. Further, the software also makes it possible to manage deal flow, fundraising, and sales. 

Streak is easy to use and less complex than other solutions on the market. So, if you want to keep your business processes simple, then Streak CRM can be one of help. Additionally, it simplifies tasks related to workflow and client support.

User Reviews

About 1.8 Billion People are Using Gmail! What Does this Statistic Mean?

The staggering number of Gmail users makes it the most popular email platform. Hence many people are using it for link building, so Streak will provide a way to integrate CRM properties in your Gmail without going to individual software. Many have also credited Streak for promoting their email marketing and tracking sales.

CRM is the Need of Time for Real Estate Business

81% of influential Real Estate companies are using CRM to improve their service. These stats indicate that companies are practicing CRM for improving their service. So if a business wants to remain in the race, it is imperative to embrace these solutions.

There are many benefits of using CRM for real estate as this particular market is always prone to trends. With these platforms, you can build connections and get insights to track your clients. 

Which CRM solution are you using for your real estate business? What feature benefits you the most? Share your thoughts below!

Author Bio: Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for The Real Estate CRM