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5 Tips for Giving Effective Presentations

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Posted 1 year ago on January 5th, 2022.

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When it comes to private and corporate presentations, PowerPoint is the main tool to use. In fact, it has become the fastest and the most convenient way of creating a project. However, many people make a mistake by focusing on the slide deck before the message.

Hiding behind your slides and forgetting the real purpose of your project won’t help you create worthy content and deliver the right message to your audience. The PowerPoint is not the presentation. Your research, analysis, and communication skills are the presentation. Your goal is to reveal a certain issue to the audience by providing the collected information on the covered topic. How can you do it effectively? Let’s figure it out!

Tip 1: Know your audience

Before you start working on your presentation, you should learn more about thing about your target audience. Depending on its demographic, educational, social, and other characteristics, you will be able to develop the right approach.

You will decide whether particular jokes or quotes explanations are appropriate to use. You will also determine the complexity of your explanations by referring to the audience's expertise. If you consider using acronyms and abbreviations, you may need to add the definitions to some of them.

Reaching a high level of detail in your presentation is not easy. This is especially the case when you have many years of expertise in a particular field of study. If you are making a presentation for a general audience, you may need to practice your performance in front of your friends or parents. Some suggestions can be an objective source of information that will let you improve your presentation.

Tip 2: Create a clear, logical structure

Even the best Google slide themes won’t make your presentation stand out if the content looks unorganized and even messy. An efficient presentation needs to have a clear and logically-built structure. This is the only way to keep your audience involved.

Once you have a topic, you should split it into sub-topics which will be covered one by one in your presentation. Thus, you may use a standard outline as working guidance. The smooth flow from one point to another will let the audience follow your pace.

Apart from the structural clearance, your narration should also have an overall purpose. Whether you need to inform, persuade, inspire, and entertain the audience, you will have to develop a particular tone. For example, you may want your presentation to inform people about a serious problem. Or, you may want to discuss a funny topic with them.

Tip 3. Write for your specific readers: consider shared knowledge

Every slide should be interesting and engaging. Don’t try to overwhelm it with information by writing the whole script on the slide. It will be enough to add up to 200 characters and a visual element to keep the audience’s attention.

One slide may include around three clear bullet points, written in the note format. The other one may have only a visual element, such as a graphic, diagram, chart, table, or photo. Remember that each slide should be a brief representation of your own words. This will keep the audience focused on the correct part of your project.

Don’t forget to keep your work visually attractive. Apart from nice images, you should also think about a suitable typeface, space between lines, size of the text, and so on. This will form the overall impression of your work.

Tip 4: Talk in "spoken English" style, not in "written English" style

The content of your slides should be written in a clear and closer to the official manner. Meanwhile, your speech can be less polished. By using “Spoken English”, you will sound more relaxed and more interesting at the same time.

If your audience doesn’t understand something from your words, they can always find the major points on your slides. This is why it’s important to look as precise as possible in your presentation.

Tip 5: Practice your presentation and practice again!

Public speaking is a skill that needs to be developed. Not everyone can make a presentation in front of the audience with a full sense of confidence. Most people are getting lost, which often makes them forget some words and confuse their thoughts.

If you know the material from your presentation well, you will feel more relaxed during your performance. Knowledge will be your major weapon to smooth the angles. To achieve this kind of proficiency, you should practice as much as you can. You may stand in front of the mirror and make a talk. Or you can invite your friends or parents to listen to your talk and make some suggestions. As you rehearse, avoid reading from your slides or the notes in your hand. It will give you the false confidence of knowing the material.

Through practice, you will learn the material better, as well as polish your presentation from utter words. You will also make sure that you have enough information to fill out the given timeframes. If you have 5, 10, or 15 minutes for your presentation, you should stick to this limit.

Concluding remarks

Preparing a presentation is harder than one might assume. But it doesn’t make this mission impossible. With the right approach to the creative process, you will manage to deliver a worthy project to your audience. Just make sure that you pay attention to the content and structure of your work.

How will you conduct your speech? It also matters. You should think about every single detail. Once you do everything right, you will deliver a powerful performance. Let your audience fall in love with your work.

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