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5 Professional Booking Tools That Every Consultant Uses

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Posted 11 months ago on March 17th, 2022.

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As per the data, the top priority for digital marketers is generating leads. The importance of lead generation is heightened when you are in the professional consultancy business. By streamlining booking creation on the back end and front end of your appointment site, the right booking tool can help your business generate leads and build customer loyalty efficiently.

You are in luck if you have a WordPress website for professional bookings. You can use a lot of different WordPress plugins to make it easier for your clients to make appointments. This will make them happy, both now and in the future.

Features to Look for While Choosing Professional Booking Tool

There are different criteria to judge a booking plugin including:

  • A customizable booking system where you record the availability of professional consultants and your staff.
  • The ability for clients to self-book based on your availability.
  • Integrations with common calendar tools like Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal
  • Automatic meeting notifications
  • Lead generation tools for fetching client information and creating a client database for future communication.
  • Payment gateways integration
  • Adjustable time format and time zones
  • Multi-currency and multilingual options

5 Best Professional Booking Tools

1- Appointment Booking Calendar

This tool is among the feature-rich appointment booking plugins for consultants. Along with Outlook, iCal, and GCal, this WordPress plugin gives you the following features:

  • Multi-page calendar
  • Availability displays
  • Self-booking front-end client with a CAPTCHA
  • Database creation for customers (available for print and download)
  • File editing for individual customers
  • A downloadable client database is sourced from created appointments.

The Appointment Booking Calendar has some limitations as well. The free version works with PayPal only. You will need to invest in the premium version for money acceptance through another service.

2- WP Forms

WP Forms is among the most popular booking plugins. As a consultant, you can use it for any business, for example, registrations and reservations. If you are a hospitality consultant, you can use this tool for in-person service bookings, room bookings, and so on.

Every template is mobile-friendly, ensuring your form looks eye-pleasing on any screen. To start, choose the appropriate template. There are visual builders with a drag and drop option that enables you to configure the form to suit your consultancy firm seamlessly.

Also, WP Forms offers WordPress blocks and widgets that you can embed on your site anywhere with a click. Furthermore, you can insert your contact form on any page through an optimized depiction and title.

3- WooCommerce Appointments

The next tool in our list of five incredible professional booking tools is the WooCommerce Appointments plugin. This platform is useful for appointment bookings on your website, while WordPress, WooCommerce, and Google Calendar are fully connected.

One of the enticing benefits of the WooCommerce Appointments plugin is that it’s quick and fast to administer and install. However, the user interface is simple for beginners and still offers the versatility an expert coder requires. Moreover, your Google Calendar might be synchronized with your site, making it a two-way sync process.

As a consultant, you can allow consumers to filter based on category and price. Further, this plugin will enable you to add more form fields.

You can use variable price and availability criteria to assign bookings or appointments to multiple staff members.

4- Booking Calendar

The Booking Calendar tool offers a unique booking system for the website. You only need to show when you're available and let people book appointments with your business consulting service through an interface that looks great and is easy to use.

This plugin is perfect for various professional consultants such as lawyers, photographers, massage centers, makeup artists, gym instructors, physicians, and more. Its ability to cater to many industries lets it qualify for induction into our incredible professional booking tools list.

There is no need for any third-party account for managing professional appointments as all settings are saved in the WordPress database. However, if you need to import data from third-party sources such as HomeAway, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc., you can do so as well.

The Booking Calendar also offers email notifications when clients book online. This functionality enables personalized calendar designs, Stripe, PayPal, Sage Gutenberg support, Pay iDEAL support, and more. 

5- Gravity Bookings

Gravity Bookings is a WordPress plugin that offers a hassle-free way for professionals to schedule their appointments. For professional consultants, this premium WordPress plugin makes it easier for your clients to make appointments online, anywhere, anytime!

Gravity Bookings with multiple Gravity addons is 100% mobile-friendly. You can access it online anywhere.

Features of Gravity Bookings

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Easy data extraction
  • Customization of your booking form
  • Display of different service categories
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Ease of marking holidays and days-off
  • Multiple bookings in one slot and more.

Bonus Tool: Simply Schedule Appointments

This is an ideal professional booking plugin for your clients to schedule meetings, phone calls, or mentoring programs. You can set your calendar to control your availability for appointments if you don't want to be bothered. Also, you can set a minimum amount of time between appointments and easily limit how many times you can have appointments on the same day.

The major functions of Simply Schedule Appointments:

  • Zoom meeting with the support team
  • Mailchimp, Gravity Forms, Google Calendar, LifterLMS, Facebook Pixel integration.
  • Options for restriction dates and advanced scheduling
  • Layouts and notification emails that you can customize

Final Words

You can have a wide range of professional booking plugins available in the online tool market. To have the right plugin for your business website, it's crucial to evaluate multiple solutions based on the clients' needs and the team's workflow. Any of the plugins mentioned above can simplify your consultancy appointment scheduling process and make appointments seamless for both you and your clients.