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5 marketing strategies for local stores to boost foot traffic

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Posted 6 months ago on September 24th, 2022. Last modified on October 4th, 2022

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Success in brick-and-mortar retail depends on catering to locals. A local store marketing strategy ensures that you always connect with your ideal customers and strengthen your brand's standing in the community.

Since LSM focuses on building relationships within the local community rather than expanding to a wide audience, this zone is often little more than a 5-mile radius surrounding your store's location.

Business owners have a difficult task when formulating an LSM strategy: how to isolate and capitalise on the things that set their community apart from others. To successfully improve sales, you must have an intimate familiarity with the demographics of the area(s) around your store.

While small companies are more likely to use Marketing strategies, franchisees and major corporations with physical locations may also benefit greatly from the strategy. Localizing your outreach allows you to speak directly to your target audience. Increased foot traffic is great, but recurring clients who value your business as much as you do and are willing to spend 67% more than first-timers are even better.

To create a successful marketing strategy for a brick-and-mortar shop, it is important to combine in-depth research about the local market with tactics that focus on fostering connections with customers. Building a brand that your target demographic can identify with increases the likelihood of repeat business.

In the following lines, we'll discuss various tactics that might help your local store’s advertising and public profile grow.

Participate on social media platforms

Even while eye-catching window displays may catch the attention of certain potential consumers, they are more likely to be found perusing the internet than wandering the aisles of your brick-and-mortar establishment. Since the average internet user spends over two hours each day on social media, there is a virtually infinite number of people in your region with whom you may interact on social media.

Maintaining a social media presence for your local shop or stores allows customers to contact you regardless of their physical location. Increased interaction with customers increases the likelihood that they will become repeat visitors to your establishment.

In addition to reaching out to your existing audience, you can expand your reach to new audiences by using social media advertisements to target clients in particular locations with specialised content.

Sometimes it helps to have a localised consumer base, and some companies find it can be achieved by forming Facebook groups. Assuming you have someone on your team capable of acting as a stalwart moderator, this is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your group's commitment to community building while also adding value for the locals.

Be local

Working in tandem with other regional enterprises might do wonders for raising your profile within your current clientele.

However, you should still put some thought into who you choose to collaborate with. The most fruitful partnerships result from working with reputable local companies that represent your ideal clientele and can reliably direct customers your way.

Clients expect more than lip service to the idea that you care about where you conduct business. Your local shop may benefit from your presence at community events, both free and paid.

When you set up a booth at a local event or just chat with individuals there, you give them a chance to put a face on the name of your business.

Leverage google

The presence of a Google My Business account increases the likelihood that your company will rank highly in Google search results. Google My Business is a business listing that provides access to crucial details about a firm.

By taking control of your listing, you boost your company's exposure and make it simpler for potential consumers to get in touch. Customers looking on their mobile devices who want to take action, such as making a phone call or getting driving directions, may find this very helpful.

Local ads

Advertising may be one of the oldest marketing ploys, but it still gets results. And it's wonderful that we live in a digital era when powerful advertising options are easier to come by than ever before.

You may reach individuals who fit a certain demographic and geographical profile by advertising on either Google or Facebook, both of which have great audience targeting tools. Put them to work in your marketing strategy to get your shop noticed by prospective consumers.

Try contacting writers that often write about products similar to yours and see if any of them would be interested in doing a feature story on your shop. Journalists and bloggers are constantly on the lookout for fresh perspectives and credible sources; if you can provide either, you'll increase your chances of being included.

Run contests and giveaways

One of the most effective local store marketing strategiesto increase foot traffic to your retail business is to have special events there, such as competitions and prizes, geared specifically toward the clients you want to attract. You are able to plan in-house events, such as the celebration of birthdays, the introduction of a new product, or the awarding of prizes to the clients who have shown the greatest commitment to shopping at your establishment. You may increase traffic to your website by holding a variety of freebies and competitions, either online or off.

Your consumer base will have the opportunity to engage with your goods, and you and your staff will have the opportunity to create rapport with your visitors when you host in-person events.


Last but not least, when it comes to those walking by, consistency is essential. To succeed in business, you need dedicated customers and dedicated employees. Using software to frequently audit your shops ensures your operational requirements are fulfilled and personnel are engaged. All of these things working together will assist maintain a steady stream of customers and a successful company.

By combining the recommendations above with a robust retail audit programme to manage your shop, you will be well-positioned to welcome consumers one step at a time!

Remember, around one in every six consumers visiting a retail place might benefit from some form of physical or mental adjustment. An audience of this size would be difficult to ignore. That's a significant possibility, too. Improving the digital and physical experience for these consumers, however, may bring advantages for retailers and customers alike.