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5 Future Trends in Digital Marketing in 2022

Certified expert in digital marketing and has helped countless companies build their campaigns. She also enjoys hiking in the mountains and snowboarding during the winter.

Posted 12 months ago on December 14th, 2021.

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To ensure your business doesn’t get left behind, you need to be constantly updating your digital marketing strategy. To reach and convert as many customers as possible, try implementing these digital marketing trends into your arsenal!

Chatbots Are an Important Part of Digital Marketing

In 2022, consumers want answers to questions right away, no matter the day or time. They aren’t interested in just basic information but want real responses. This is where chatbots come to save the day! All types of industries have started using chatbots as a part of their digital marketing strategy, including retail, where you can find out about the latest discounts, or healthcare, where you can instantly book an appointment. In 2022, expect more and more consumers to be communicating with and purchasing via chatbots. 

If your digital marketing strategy does not include a chatbot, you are placing your company at a severe disadvantage. Here are some digital marketing stats that will convince your company to install a chatbot right now!

  • 80% of consumers have positive experiences with digital marketing chatbots
  • eCommerce transactions via chatbots are expected to eclipse $100 billion by 2023
  • By 2024, Insider Intelligence predicts that retail purchases will be above $140 billion

Chatbots are one of the easiest digital marketing tools to implement, and you can install them on your website today!

Chatbots Are an Important Part of Digital Marketing
Chatbots Are an Important Part of Digital Marketing

Video Marketing

Did you know that 74% of digital marketing services say that video has a higher return on investment than standard pictures? Over 60% of businesses are already using videos as part of their digital marketing strategy, but you can expect that number to rise in 2022, as more businesses start figuring out that video has super high conversion rates. There are so many different ways for companies to use videos as part of their digital marketing strategy. Here are just a few ideas you can add to your next digital marketing campaign:

  • Start a live stream on Facebook or Instagram
  • Hire an influencer to create a vlog and feature your product 
  • Film tutorials of how to use your product

While creating videos does take extra effort, the higher return on investment makes this digital marketing tactic more than worth it!

Interactive Content Is Going to Boom in 2022 

It is time to reap the digital marketing benefits of creating interactive content in 2022! Why is interactive content so important? Because it is inspiring, more memorable, unique, and creates a deeper connection with buyers! Here are some ways that digital marketing platforms are producing interactive content in 2022:

  • Quizzes and polls - Get your consumers involved and gather accurate insights
  • Cost estimate calculators - Give your consumers accurate information in a fun and interactive way
  • Virtual reality ads - Leverage the latest digital marketing technology and create ads that consumers won’t ever forget
  • 360-degree videos - Create breathtaking beautiful digital marketing videos and deeply connect with your buyers

Remember, when making interactive content for your digital marketing campaign, make it helpful, interesting, and accurately convey the message of your brand!


There are over 30 million daily users on Twitch who tune in to see amazing live-streamed content. Twitch started off as a gaming streaming service but now has expanded to all kinds of niches, including music, cooking, fashion, and everything in between! The top Twitch streamers have audiences bigger than some major television channels!

A great digital marketing strategy is to collaborate with Twitch streamers and get them to showcase your products to their millions of loyal fans. By collaborating with Twitch streamers, you can achieve some incredible return on investments, as high as 20%! When choosing a Twitch influencer for digital marketing, it is important that they align with your brand and that their audience is similar to your target audience.


Did you know that almost 30% of Americans listened to a podcast in 2021? This number is only expected to rise! There are now podcasts on every single niche imaginable, and more and more businesses are starting on their very own. If you don’t want to create your own podcast, don’t worry, you can still tap into this huge audience by sponsoring an existing show. Podcast hosts will often read ads throughout the show, or you can go for the more subtle approach and ask a podcast host to naturally bring up your product. Joe Rogan, arguably the number 1 podcaster in the world, has blown up more than a few companies by simply mentioning them on his show, which boasts an audience of 11 million every episode!


If you want to absolutely crush it in 2022, then you need to implement the digital marketing tips we mentioned above. By staying ahead of the latest digital marketing trends, you will put your business in the perfect position to grow and reach even more consumers! We would love to know what you think the next big digital marketing trends are. Please comment below on what you are adding to your digital marketing campaign in 2022 to boost your profits!

Author's Bio: Christine J. Shepard is a certified expert in digital marketing and has helped countless companies build their campaigns. When she is not musing about digital marketing, she enjoys hiking in the mountains and snowboarding during the winter.