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5 Commonly used materials for sticker printing

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Posted 1 year ago on November 18th, 2021.

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Do you love the idea of sticker marketing but find the world of stickers, labels, and decals a little overwhelming? Don’t worry; you are not alone. The sheer volume of choice you have when you go for custom printed stickers is amazing, but it can be tricky to navigate. 

In this article, we will break it down for you. We will introduce you to five commonly used materials for sticker printing, including their ideal uses. After reading, you will know exactly what to look out for and can get your perfect custom sticker in record time. So, let’s jump straight in.

1. If in doubt: Vinyl stickers

Did you know that white vinyl is the most popular sticker material? That is because vinyl is super versatile and can stick to many surfaces, like plastic, glass, metal, or cardboard. 

Custom vinyl stickers are generally waterproof, scratch-resistant, and withstand sunlight. This makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor uses. 

Do not be fooled by the name; you will not be stuck with a white sticker. White vinyl simply describes the base of this material. The white canvas allows for amazingly vibrant colors and color gradients. You can combine as many colors as you want a per sticker - so let your creativity run free. 

2. Keep it clear with transparent stickers 

No matter if you are looking for stickers for windows, glass surfaces, jars, bottles, or any other see-through material, transparent vinyl can help you achieve that classy, minimalistic look. 

Clear or transparent vinyl is great for when you would like your product or surface to be seen through your sticker. This material is great for car window stickers, branded window signage, or clear labels for bottles when you would like to show off the color of the liquid. 

Working with the clear vinyl base, you can create a beautiful, stained-glass-like effect. This happens when color is printed on top of the transparent vinyl and is a real eye-catcher. 

3. Try out paper stickers 

Stickers are either made from vinyl or paper. Paper-based stickers tend to be a little less durable, and we only recommend them for indoor uses. However, the sticker industry has come a long way and now offers biodegradable paper stickers. 

These are made mostly from sugar cane fiber, making them super environmentally friendly. They can even compost in any food waste bin. 

Paper stickers are perfect for any sort of labeling, especially when applied to cardboard. As they are made from paper, they can easily be written on. On top of that, they are thicker than the average sticker, giving them a nice premium feeling. 

4. Make it eco-friendly 

That is not the end of the sustainable sticker options. If paper stickers don’t work for your intended use because you need a more durable yet eco-friendly sticker, bioplastics are perfect for you. 

These consist of sustainably sourced wood pulp and are available with a white and clear base. This gives you great flexibility and means you do not have to forgo variety when going eco-friendly. 

We love to use these materials for compostable product packaging, eco-friendly sticker giveaways, and high-quality product labels. 

5. Stand out with metallic looks

If your main objective is to elevate your product packaging, highlight a specific product range, or communicate your high quality to your customers, effect materials are just right for you. These come with a vinyl base, making them as resistant as standard vinyl stickers. 

Each vinyl base comes with a different effect. Usually, sticker printing companies offer effects like silver, gold, holographic, or glitter. You can use these effects to create stunning metallic colors and designs. 

With such materials, you can level up even the most simplistic product packaging and create a real eye-catcher. We love to highlight different product features using these effects. Do you sell luxury candles? A holographic label can mirror the colors of a lit candle. You have a silver shampoo in your range? This screams for a mirror silver product label. 

We hope you now have a better idea of what sticker materials can work for you and your brand, and you are ready to get sticking. Are you already using stickers? Then please feel free to share any additional tips and tricks in the comment section below.