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5 Amazing Ways to Implement AI in App Development

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Posted 4 months ago on August 14th, 2022.

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Smart devices are an essential part of our lives. Voice commands that activate or deactivate functionalities like turning the television or switching the geyser off make life easy. Many basic applications are becoming smarter, influencing what developers do and how they do it. While it is not necessary for the programmers to be AI specialists to incorporate intelligent components in their application development, they ought to apprehend what constituents they are incorporating and why.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is an extensive branch of computer science that builds smart machines capable of thinking and conducting tasks that usually require human intelligence. 

There are four types of artificial intelligence:

  • Reactive Machines
  • Limited Memory
  • Theory of Mind
  • Self- Awareness

AI is an integrative science with multiple approaches. However, evolution in deep learning and machine learning are creating a paradigm shift in almost every sector of the technology world. 

AI is a set of algorithms and intelligence to mimic human intelligence. Machine learning is one of them, and deep learning is one of those machine learning techniques that mimic the human neural system. In other words, machine learning feeds an application data and uses statistical techniques to help the application “learn” how to get better at a task without having been specifically programmed for that task.

No one programming language is synonymous with artificial intelligence; however, a few, including Java, Python, R, and C++, are popular. Specific applications of AI include natural language processing, expert systems, general intelligence, machine vision, and speech recognition, apart from machine learning discussed earlier. 

In order to implement AI in app development, you need to power it with data. Yet human power is needed to take care of answers and revelations that arise with data power. With this post, we aim to explore five amazing ways to implement AI in app development.

5 Simple Ways To Use AI For App Development

1. Providing Personalized Content

Perhaps one of the easiest and best uses of AI in app development is delivering personalized content. The reason why a majority of the applications fail is that the applications neglect constant connection with users.

Your app content could be excellent, but if it is something that is not intriguing to your users, all your efforts in app development go down the drain. By carefully studying and analyzing users' decisions and incorporating them into a learning algorithm, the applications can make suggestions that the client would probably be keen about. 

So, with the assistance of machine learning, a part of AI, if you can curate personalized content as per the client's point of interest, your work becomes easier. As an organization, an app that offers personalized content to users automatically enhances the chance of better business through better customer interaction and increased brand identification. 

2. Increased App Productivity

AI can help in increasing app productivity by streamlining its performance. Organizations like Microsoft and Google use AI innovation to encourage users to slice through a wide range of data and scan first the information most appropriate and vital to them. Users of this innovation can get auto-generated email responses requiring a simple answer. 

Implementing AI in app development allows your application to collect information about important communications among users and objects like documents or other content. Google "G Suite" and Microsoft Office 365 are primary examples of how AI has been implemented in app development to increase app productivity.

3. Using AI for the Internet of Things

Mobile applications have started infiltrating our distinctive lifestyle through smart home gadgets. That day is not far away when most of our errands will be taken care of by AI-based smart applications.

Even today, you can note the importance of AI through the smart devices we operate. Take, for example, a voice-based assistant that can play music on demand. Or a smartwatch can count the number of steps and guide you on your next course of action.

With AI integration in applications for the Internet of Things (IoT), a developer improves an app's chance of enhancing the brand value and making the app popular.

4. Automated Reasoning

Another power function of AI is automated reasoning if the same is implemented in app development. This function is much more complex than analyzing a user's behavior because it requires problem-solving based on various algorithms.

Examples of automated reasoning in an application would include how Uber discovers the best directions, which is not only the shortest route but also checks the traffic en route and ensures the customer reaches the destination in the shortest possible time. 

The application will greatly enhance the organization's brand if such AI functions are integrated into app development. 

5. Image Recognition

Image recognition is another amazing way to implement AI in app development. This way, you can effectively use an image recognition system depending on how you discover and recognize an object in a video or digital picture. 

With the help of IR innovation, you can get help in diagnosing diseases, identifying license plates, examining customers, and confirming users by their appearances. 


There is no confusion that there is an exceptional development of the universality of artificial intelligence technology among various fields of organizations and additionally individuals. AI technology will keep progressing in our everyday life, especially through various applications; hence, it becomes essential to implement AI while developing an app.