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5 Amazing Benefits of Gamification in e-Learning

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Posted 9 months ago on July 13th, 2022.

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Gamification is more than a buzzword. No one, especially L & D and HR professionals, should underestimate the advantages of gamification in corporate training. Leveraging competitiveness and inculcating gameplay makes your corporate training dynamic, and it can also increase learner engagement. If your corporate website is developed on WordPress, you can integrate LMS in WordPress to reap the amazing benefits of learning gamification.

Why is gamification a motivating factor for learners?

Why would 22 individuals gather on a muddy, freezing field to kick a ball around on a rainy February day? For several reasons, football is one of the most popular sports globally. It's easy to use because it's simple, but it has a powerful motivator: the desire to win.

If you took away that goal—pardon the pun—the game would quickly become obsolete. Football, hockey, rugby, baseball, and any other competitive sport that draws a large audience relies on the competitive spirit.

Now, keep the above "motivating factor" in mind and apply it to learning; as a result, it is "gamification." A straightforward concept that develops learner engagement and aids in changing attitudes and perceptions. Gamification develops skills through a practical and hands-on approach to learning.

To keep the blog interesting, we have put together a list of the most important benefits of gamification for e-learning.

The Benefits of e-Learning Gamification

1.     Makes learning interactive and fun

Irrespective of your subject matter or audience, learning gamification can help to create educational, exciting, and entertaining content. It does not turn work into a game. However, it plays on human psychology that drives engagement.

We have all experienced and accepted the drive to compete, outperform, and improve others and ourselves. The rewards can be intensely motivating and satisfying.

One of the major benefits of gamification is that it makes learning exciting and informative, thanks to its interactivity. Competitive elements and role-play offer an immersive angle that can make learning fun.

2.     Makes Learning an Addiction

If you have to define the one most crucial purpose of learning, it must be to inculcate new knowledge into the learners. However, how useful is that knowledge if it is hard to retain?

Another benefit of learning through gamification is the natural high it gives us and the effect that "high" has on the retention of knowledge. When your brain wants to reward you, it releases dopamine into your body. Thus, when you achieve something or win an important game, you naturally feel good.

Learning new things is always a rewarding experience that causes dopamine release. The rather unexpected result of that natural drug ‘fix’ is that the improvement in dopamine levels aids us in retaining that new information.

3.     An Opportunity for Learners to See Real-World Applications

The third and unique benefit of gamification is getting your hands "dirty" while learning. Learning on the job can be a good way to keep skills in place while applying them to real-world situations.

Learning gamification enables learners to see the real-world benefits and applications of the subject matter. They will allow themselves to get a first-hand look at how their choices within the game result in rewards or consequences.

4.     Provides Real-time Feedback

Imagine if you only took stock of how well you are doing in life once per annum. Anything you regularly do, relationships, and work might suffer from a lack of self-review.

Oddly, some businesses only do performance reviews once a year instead of having regular or even constant performance reviews.

Employees can put their efforts toward real-time, meaningful, and measurable targets and receive honest upper-level feedback as those targets are met thanks to learning gamification.

After all, you will never improve if you can’t find out what you have to do better or how to upskill.

5.     Improve the Learning Experience

Fitting all the benefits of learning Gamification into a "Best 5" list. Thus, to use a word associated with games, we use a "cheat" and cover a list within a list. The following are five further benefits of learning gamification:

Engagement with content

Gamification in e-learning provides the opportunity for e-learners to engage in content engagement in an informal, effective learning environment. If learners feel excited about gaining knowledge, they will likely retain information.

Efficient learning, more fun

Gamification makes learning fun. So, learners are more likely to concentrate on an enjoyable learning program than on a boring one.

Competition brings motivation

People feel motivated by competition. Gamification offers opportunities for competition with others for high scores, rewards, and leader-board rankings.

More cooperation

Gamified learning programs enable learners to work towards group goals through team cooperation within a competitive environment. This encourages debate and the sharing of ideas, strategic thought processes, and critical thinking.

Points mean prizes

Gamification encourages learner engagement by using badges, leaderboards, and other gamified indicators of achievement.

These prizes feed the human desire for status and the hunger to win.

Final Words

As a person who plays games, you must have seen how addictive it is to spend time in a virtual world to reach goals and how hungry you are to get virtual goods.

Similarly, gamification unlocks the imagination-infused world that gaming elements can bring to learning. Your imagination can take you on infinite journeys of discovery and possibilities for introducing gamified elements into your learning programs.

Since gamification improves awareness, learners’ engagement, and productivity, it also enhances your company’s performance. We can say that playing is good for business.