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4 Ways To Automate Your Business Tasks

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Posted 11 months ago on April 22nd, 2022. Last modified on April 27th, 2022

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Task automation is a stage of Business Process Management (BPM) that consists of identifying repetitive tasks, which could be performed without human intervention, and replacing them with software, applications and interfaces, bringing more assertiveness, efficiency and control to the Law Suit.

Despite this, when it comes to automating tasks, many people imagine a bunch of robots scattered around their company, taking care of highly technical and complicated activities or expensive machines that do everything in a standardized way.

In fact, task automation is a much broader concept than this and, most of the time, does not require robot automata or machines that make decisions on their own.

And most London carpet cleaning companies, possibly use this efficient way to reduce costs and increase productivity. And this can happen in many ways, such as the use of BPM software, CRM software, through integration or when the so-called marketing automation is done.

Are things still not clear to you? So check out a little more about each of these ways to automate tasks.

4 Ways to Automate Business Tasks

The first step in promoting the automation of processes and their component tasks is to determine which tasks can be automated. For this, the technique used is BPM.

1. The Role of BPM In Automating Tasks

 Choosing which tasks to automate generally takes into account three issues:

  • Are these tasks repetitive?
  • Do they obey clear rules?
  • What is your role in adding value to the final product or service?

And BPM software are excellent tools to be able to analyze processes and make the right decision taking this into account.

Automation of repetitive tasks is recommended because such activities are usually easily performed automatically by software. In addition, they occupy the precious time of employees who could be doing more noble work. An example is the issuance of invoices, merely transcribing data from one data system to another, which issues the invoices.

Another important point is that the tasks have clear rules. For example, although it is a repetitive task for a restaurant hostess to indicate the appropriate tables for each group that enters, the rules are not very clear. It is not enough to know how many there are and if there are tables with enough chairs, but to check if there are children in the group who can disturb tables next to them, elderly people who cannot climb stairs, an old customer who has a preferred table, etc.

Already, to select which window will serve you in the bank queue, a scoreboard signaling a number can easily automate this task.

The third point is the value that this task adds to the final product. For example: in most automobile factories, sensors can indicate if the engine tuning is within the quality standard. In the case of companies like Ferrari, this inspection is done by a specialist, who drives the car for a few kilometers!

2. CRM Systems

You need to immediately find out how many customers bought a certain item from your company above the value X. What do you think is better: simply typing some parameters into your CRM system or going to check the invoices one by one?

CRM systems (commercial management tools) are excellent for automating such tasks, as well as for team management and real-time tracking of goals and results.

3. System Integration For Task Automation

A critical point of task automation is the so-called systems integration, which often occurs manually, with an employee transcribing data from one system to another, susceptible to errors and delays.

But there are the so-called  APIs (Application Programming Interface): a set of instructions, routines and programming patterns used to access an internet-based application, integrating it with another.

So, for example, if you use a payment management system and another email sending app, you can integrate them and make sure that every time a payment is confirmed, a thank you email is sent. to the customer, gaining much more  time and productivity .

4. Marketing Automation

One of the most traditional uses of task  automation is marketing automation tools , used for the so-called lead nurturing, which consists of sending relevant information to your current or potential customers (provided they have their permission).

These tools analyze the behavior of your customers on social media and on your blog and define which customers should receive which types of content, automatically, obeying clear rules and generating much more interaction and results.

In general, task automation is already present in your work, but it is always possible to automate even more, in search of productivity!

About the author: Syed Patel is a web developer and digital marketer with a bachelor's degree in computer science. He also occasionally writes articles about Carpet Cleaning.