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3 Content Marketing Mistakes Your Business Might Be Making

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Posted 2 months ago on August 25th, 2021.

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At a time when most of us are spending more time than ever online, it’s become increasingly important for business owners to embrace the idea of digital marketing.

Promoting your business on the web may be an adjustment for some folks, but it’s a tactic that can really pay off. That said, it’s not all about digital ads. You can make crucial connections with customers and build your brand perception by making content marketing a priority.

Content marketing, at its core, isn’t about a hard sell. Instead, it’s about creating and sharing valuable information and online materials that are meant to educate, entice, or entertain web users. In doing so, the hope is that you’ll generate interest in your brand, your products, and your services and build trust with your audience.

While content marketing isn’t the only type of online promotion you can or should use for your business, it’s known to yield positive results. In fact, the Content Marketing Institute reports that 72% of marketers say these tactics have increased both engagements and leads. 

That said, your content marketing efforts won’t be as fruitful as you’d like if you commit certain errors during planning or execution. With that in mind, here are just three content marketing mistakes you might already be making – and why you’ll want to avoid them.

Posting Without a Strategy

It’s important to publish new content on a consistent basis. Whether it’s on social media or on your business blog, various algorithms and bots tend to prefer when content is fresh. And of course, publishing new content regularly can drive customers to your site.

However, it’s important to have a reason for everything that you post. If you’re publishing simply for the sake of publishing, you probably aren’t going to get the results you’re looking for.

You need to understand what your customers are after, what they’re interested in, and how you can fill a need by providing them with something of value. 

This really comes down to creating a content marketing strategy for your business. Without a strategy to fall back on, your content will feel disjointed and lackluster.

Essentially, you need to have a roadmap that will guide your team along the right path and make the right stops along the way. Developing a content strategy will show you what to post when to post, and where to post it. 

Not only will this streamline your workflow, but it can ensure you’re actually achieving your marketing goals. Rather than creating content on a whim and sending it out into the void, you can develop a blueprint with verifiable success.

Forgetting About SEO

Creating valuable content is key. But don’t waste this opportunity to optimize the content you publish.

Your content always has to be useful in some way; otherwise, readers won’t click on the headline or bother to read what you’ve written. However, you also need to make sure they’ll be able to find your posts in the first place.

That’s where SEO, or search engine optimization, comes in. By including relevant keywords and ensuring all of your content is optimized for Google, you can increase your chances of appearing when web visitors perform relevant searches online.

SEO is important because it provides context. The words you might use to describe a problem might not be the same as those used by potential customers searching for answers. You need to ensure that your content aligns with searcher intent. SEO can help bridge the gap.

When creating blog content, writing web copy, and posting updates to social media, you’ll want to consider how you’ll reach your target audience. Just like hashtags can help your post show up when relevant searches are conducted, SEO will make it more likely for your site to appear in SERPs.

If you forget about SEO, your hard work may not pay off. There’s no sense in creating content if it’s not showing up for the right people!

Trying to DIY Everything 

As a business owner, you’re accustomed to wearing many hats. But that doesn’t mean you should try to be your own content marketer.

The truth is that marketing your business is a full-time job in itself. With only so many hours in a day and other crucial operations in need of your attention, it’s not surprising that your marketing efforts tend to take a backseat.

The problem with that is that, in order to be successful, your content marketing needs to be consistent. You can’t set it and forget it. You need to constantly be investing in your efforts. That’s tough to do if your schedule is already full.

Even if you do take the time to devote to content marketing, it’s entirely possible that your efforts won’t pay off. Because the marketing realm is ever-evolving, you’ll need a fair amount of industry knowledge if you want to create content that provides real value. You may not possess the skills you really need – which means you could end up wasting time and money with not much to show for it.

Hiring an in-house expert, working with a marketing agency, or finding a freelance marketing consultant can help you get the most out of your strategy. Rather than take time away from essential tasks and risk a not-so-successful outcome, you can get affordable support that will facilitate long-term growth.

In our digital world, it’s essential to promote your business online. Once you know the content marketing mistakes to avoid, you can work on perfecting your approach and start creating materials that are truly engaging. 

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