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20+ T-Shirt Mockup PSD Templates (With Photorealistic Results)

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Posted 6 years ago on August 18th, 2016. Last modified on September 27th, 2019

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When presenting your T-shirt design to your clients, or displaying your apparel products on your website, it’s important to showcase them realistically and with creative taste. This leads to more sales and happy clients.

How are you displaying your T-shirt and apparel designs? Do they come across as inviting and realistic? Can your customers visualize what they will look like when they put them on?

Photorealistic PSD T-Shirt Mockup Examples
Photorealistic T-Shirt mockups.

A high quality PSD mockup, if made creatively in Photoshop, can take your T-shirt design and transform it into an asset that feels tangible. It’s a time saving alternative to a costly photo shoot. It comes across as authentic when it has realistic materials, textures, creases, colors, and just the right lighting effects applied.

Here we showcase a curated selection of stylish T-Shirt Mockup PSD templates with creative, photorealistic designs (and a ton of finishing touches included). These are some of the best t-shirt mockups from Envato Market (GraphicRiver), such as those shown trending below:

Best Selling Photoshop TShirt Mockup Templates
Best Selling T-Shirt PSD Mockups - available for sale on Envato Market (GraphicRiver)

Give your digital T-shirt artwork a realistic presentation and personal touch. We include a ton of display options such as, men’s, women’s, and children’s T-shirts. Also, black, white, and multiple color options. As well as a variety of styles to work with, from short sleeve, long sleeve, to tank, and polos, so you can find just the style you need.

These Photoshop mockups come with background settings and themes varying from urban T-shirt collections, to apparel fashion mockups, and more. They’re displayed as worn on a real person or hanging in a tangible setting against a solid background.

Realistic T-Shirt Mockup Photoshop Templates

Here are a number of Photoshop T-shirt mockup templates, with twenty-one professional PSD sets in all. These apparel mockup designs come in a ton of creative styles and photorealistic options. Browse through them to find the one that fits your T-shirt design best—helping you make your artwork connect better with your audience.

1. T-Shirt Mock-up 2 - Simple PSD Template Set

If you need to display your T-shirt design professionally, with coordinated brand elements like tags and labels, this PSD set has creative options packed in. It contains everything you’d need to make a realistic apparel presentation.

Save time with this set and get a quality T-shirt display made. It comes with 9 high resolution photorealistic presentation views, which you can edit quickly via smart objects and organized Photoshop layers.

You can readily change the lights, reflections, and automate the perspective if you swap in a custom background image. There are multiple colors to work with from warm to retro, to give your unique shirt design the custom look you’re after.

T-Shirt Mock-up 2 PSD Template Set

2. T-Shirt PSD Mock-Up Template - Street Edition

If you have a bunch of t-shirts for sale, then you need a way to grab your customer’s attention with great product images. It can be time consuming to take quality photos of your apparel in use, so save time with this set of Photoshop display files. Show off your artwork with only a few clicks and simply customize the final look of your shirts!

This highly rated set of Street Edition PSD t-shirt mockup templates is designed by Elite Author Genetic96. There are a number of casual poses from both male and female models to work with. It includes 12 mockup template files, changeable t-shirt colors, multiple textures, and cross-process vintage color effects.

Street T-Shirt PSD Mock-Up Template Designs

3. T-Shirt Photoshop Collection - Black Edition Mockup

With this set of t-shirt mockup PSD files you can display your shirt inside a package and with high definition boxes—making your apparel design look elegant and like it’s ready for customers to order. It comes with 10 high resolution Photoshop files at 3000 by 2000 pixel resolution, organized layers, and easy to work with smart objects. It’s packed with awesome details!

T-Shirt PSD Collection Black Edition Mock up

4. Creative Female T-Shirt PSD Fashion Mock-Up

This creative set of t-shirt mockup PSD files has a fashionable design. It includes 11 template files with female models wearing shirts that you can readily change. There are multiple scene locations, from casual indoor settings to poses outside in urban areas. 

It’s easy to edit the mockup Photoshop files, apply the displacement map to your design so it looks realistic, and work with the dual option lighting variations. You can have your t-shirt design added and a professional result made quickly!

Authentic Female T-Shirt PSD Fashion Mock-Up

5. Realistic Photoshop T-Shirt Mock-up Pack

This realistic set of t-shirt mockups includes 16 unique PSD files, with multiple categories of shirt types to use. You can display your t-shirt close up, on a hanger, or laying on a neutral ground. Styles vary from v-neck, large neck, basic t-shirt, and polo with multiple display options for each. Quickly add your design, adjust the displacement map, and insert your custom background image!

Realistic Photoshop T-Shirt Mock-up Designs

6. Urban T-Shirt Photoshop Template Mockups

If you need to display your fresh t-shirt designs in a hipster urban setting, then this set of Photoshop mockup templates has the premium style you’re looking for. You can quickly apply your artwork, text, images, logo and graphics onto men or women casually hanging out in a city environment with a variety of poses.

There are 10 PSD files included, they’re made with easy to work with smart object replacement, and can quickly be customized. Create an apparel showcase for your eCommerce site or custom images for a fashion magazine ad. Also included is a vintage distress effect option, to take your t-shirt design from classic to well worn—adding another layer of realism!

Urban T-Shirt PSD Template Mockups

7. Classic Male Retro PSD T-shirt Mock-ups

There are eight high quality photorealistic male t-shirt mockups in this Photoshop file set. Save time by making a realistic apparel mockup instead of taking costly pictures. It comes with grunge wall background, vintage pre-set photo effect, and smart object setup. You can quickly add your artwork, change the t-shirt colors to your branding needs, control the shadows, and present your designs with classic style.

Classic Vintage PSD T-shirt Mock-ups

8. Men & Women T-Shirt PSD Mock-up Set

This sporty t-shirt mockup set comes with 12 Photoshop files at a high resolution of 5000 by 3,500 pixels and 300 DPI. It features male and female t-shirts that display with shaped contours, without a model inside them. They hang elegantly in-air in front of various grunge background options. You can add your designs fast, achieving a realistic effect, and customize the color to your needs!

Men  Women T-Shirt PSD Mock-up Templates

9. Long Shirt Realistic Mock-up Template Designs

If you need to display your design on a long t-shirt, this PSD mockup set will save you time and give great quality results. This set of eight photorealistic presentation files comes with options for adding selective varnish, custom branded labels, and other realistic apparel details.

You can readily control the lighting, shadows, and direction of reflections. Add your custom artwork perfectly, insert unique background images, and take advantage of the elegant look of these t-shirt mockups.

Long Shirt Realistic Mock-up PSD Templates

10. Hipster Men T-Shirt Mock-Up PSD Files

This realistic t-shirt mockup PSD template comes with 12 professional backgrounds, four unique views, as well as creative options. You can customize the designs with your artwork quickly, working with Photoshop’s smart object file setup, control the colors and effects, and apply the displacement maps to get all those authentic folds and shadows. Get just the look you’re after!

Hipster Men T-Shirt Mock-Up Photoshop Files

11. Women T-Shirt Mockup Photorealistic Designs

If you want to display your t-shirt designs in retro quality on photorealistic female models, then grab this Photoshop set. It comes with all the graphic resources you need to display your apparel artwork with your unique text, art, or branding.

This is a vibrant set of Photoshop t-shirt mockups to work with to add product images to your Facebook feed or display for sale on your site. It comes with eight PSD files, organized layers, smart object setup, full-editable effects, and vintage distress options. Showcase your shirt designs on bright backgrounds with compellingly cropped models.

Women T-Shirt PSD Mockup Photorealistic Designs

12. Kids T-Shirts Photoshop Template Mockups

This popular kids t-shirt mockup can help you out with displaying your fun design on a child model. It comes with two high-resolution layered PSD files. You can add your artwork fast, edit in Photoshop via smart objects, and customize the color and mood with simple adjustments and included effects.

Kids T-Shirts PSD Template Mockups

13. Teenage Girl T-shirt Mockup PSD Designs

If you have a younger demographic, and are targeting your design at teenage girls, then this set of 8 high quality PSD t-shirt mockups is just what you need. It’s a great solution to save you time and give you photorealistic mockups to add to your marketing materials. Change the colors quickly, modify the backgrounds, and adjust the effects to fit your brand.

Teenage Girl T-shirt Mockup Photoshop Designs

14. Man and Woman T-Shirt Mock-Up Bundle

This t-shirt template photoshop mockup set delivers six photorealistic results. It’s easy to use and includes man and woman models and multiple dynamic poses. There are five background options  and unlimited color options. Also, you can mix and match and combine your result for group shots. Use your results to drive apparel sales online or through more traditional marketing channels.

Man and Woman T-Shirt Mock-Up PSD Designs

15. Photorealistic T-Shirt Fashion Photoshop Mock-Up

These gorgeous, fashion-casual, professional t-shirt mockups include 12 files with male and female models and multiple poses. The locations are mostly outside and varied, from street shots to posing in front of elegant cars and in bright areas at the height of summer. This is a great collection for presenting your t-shirt designs with!

Photorealistic T-Shirt Fashion Photoshop Mockup Designs

16. Simple T-Shirt Photoshop Mockup Template

This simple t-shirt design template comes with 10 PSD mockups to help you quickly showcase your best designs. You can realistically display your artwork on t-shirts laid against flat backgrounds. Each file features textures, patterns, labels, and engaging shirt presentations to work with. It includes the options and quick customization setup you’d expect in a professional Photoshop template.

Simple T-Shirt PSD Mockup Templates

17. Photorealistic T-Shirt Packaging Design PSD Mockups

This unique set of t-shirt packaging mockups includes 10 photorealistic display options with multiple presents. If you need to showcase your t-shirts inside of branded mockups, then this is a great set to grab.

The included user guide can walk you through how to add your branding details and display your t-shirts for sale. It’s great for selling online, custom t-shirt shops, or for designers with important client demands to meet!

Realistic T-Shirt Packaging Design Photoshop Mockups

18. Sport T-Shirt Mock-Up Photoshop Templates

Get this realistic set of athletic t-shirt mockup templates with multiple male and female gym poses. It comes with 9 high-resolution Photoshop files, organized layers, displacement map, colors, effects, and the options you need to get professional results. It’s easy to place your designs using smart objects, just double-click layer and place your artwork in.

Sporty T-Shirt Mock-Up PSD Realistic Templates

19. Mens T-Shirt Designs With Animated Mockup

This is a unique t-shirt mockup PSD template with photorealistic views and a high tech, modern style. If your t-shirts designs are next-level, or aimed at a sport-savvy audience, then grab this set. It includes 7 PSD files, as well as 3 live shots and FX controllers for outputting animations and GIF files.

Mens PSD T-Shirt Designs With Animated Mockup

20. T-Shirt Branding Design Photoshop Mock-Up

This t-shirt branding mockup set comes with seven professional photo retouched files. It has beautiful t-shirt templates inside full brand packages, so you can display your company’s apparel designs and branding side by side. The files are well layered, easy to navigate, and customize fast.

T-Shirt PSD Mock-Up Reatlistic Branding Design Bundle

21. T-Shirt Mock-Up Reatlistic Branding Designs

Save a ton of time and make your designs look gorgeous with this large set of t-shirt mockup PSD bundle. It comes with 10 male and female models in multiple professional poses, as well as 10 Photoshop files of shirts mocked-up on hangers.

There are a variety of styles to work with, from v-nick tank tops, crew neck, and more t-shirt models. Control your artwork placement, customize the shirt color, adjust the displacement map and texture, and put the included backgrounds to great use.

Get your photo mockups up on your eCommerce site, out in your social channels, or making you money in your ads or marketing campaigns.

PSD T-Shirt Mock-Up Reatlistic Branding Designs

Use a T-Shirt Mockup PSD to Display Your Work Realistically!

Your T-shirt designs should display as real to your customers. 

You need the authentic touches that a professional mockup comes with, such as genuine scenes, models that look casual and real, as well as lighting and texture brought to life.

Grab a professionally-designed T-Shirt Mockup PSD template. Then use it to display your work realistically to seize attention, allow your audience to visualize themselves wearing your artwork, and to increase your apparel sales (or that of your clients).

Discover how to use Photoshop product mockups of all types more effectively:

Also, if you need to display other apparel items, artwork, or products, we have thousands of professional PSD mockup templates on Envato Market to choose from. Browse through them to discover the best one for your designs. 

You can also get assistance from hand-picked design professionals from Envato Studio to assist you with creating unique mockups and custom graphics.

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