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10 Smart Bathroom Technologies You Didn't Know You Needed

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Posted 11 months ago on March 19th, 2022.

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Smart homes are taking over. Everyone is considering transforming their traditional appliances with new smart systems that are controllable by their phones. Your bathroom is no different.

When you start shopping for smart appliances, don’t let your bathroom go overlooked. Here are 10 smart bathroom technologies you didn’t know you needed.

Smart Toilets

A smart toilet system is also more slick and fitting to modern bathrooms. When renovating new bathrooms, smart toilets are deemed as a requirement for many families. Although traditional toilets didn’t need to be smart, we, the next generation, find solace in hygiene and comfort. 

Seat warmers, touch-free lids, built-in speakers, are some of the most common features of smart toilet systems, with more advanced ones being offered in premium options. 

Smart Mirrors

This is quite convenient if you like getting your notifications, weather info, meeting calls, and news on your bathroom mirror itself. Imagine how futuristic your bathroom would be for having a huge wall mirror notifying you about your appointments for the day. 

The mirrors work well as a device that is smart enough to be your virtual assistant. Although they still aren’t very popular, they are slowly getting the attention they deserve. Having one in your bathroom would definitely be a fascinating addition to your home. 

Smart Bathtubs

Bathtubs are already smart. With voice control to fill the tub, automated temperature control, and the aesthetic design of freestanding tubs, they have always been a smart choice for users. Smart bathtubs that come equipped with jet control, temperature control, and spa-like features, have already taken over the bathrooms. 

Smart bathtubs are quite environment friendly too. Being huge, most of us don’t always stay alert of the water level when filling the tub. This is why overflow is a common occurrence. But, in a smart bathtub, the water level is maintained by closing the tap, not by letting it flood through a drain. 

Some bathtubs also come pre-fitted with Bluetooth speakers.

  1. Smart Privacy Glass

Glass windows offer more hygiene and premium look than curtains in bathrooms. But having a normal glass panel fixed as your door or window in the bathroom isn’t the best privacy-centric approach. 

Smart glass panels are digitally controlled panels that can be adjusted to be transparent or opaque. While the transparent settings are better for letting natural lighting in, the opaque setting is designed for privacy. Some smart panels also offer casting and Bluetooth integration that helps the user stream their favorite shows onto the panels themselves while taking a bath. 

Smart Shower

Shower systems often behave unpredictably. From sudden changes in water temperature to not having a consistent flow, the unpredictability is often the cause of bathroom accidents in kids. Although showers already save a lot of water than taking a bath, the smart showers go beyond that to save on your bills and environment.

When we mention smart showers, it’s not only the showerheads we are talking about. With built-in thermostats, the smart system can control the water temperature consistently. 

Smart Lights

Smart lights are one of the primal components of a smart home system. The color-changing, self-dimming lights, that can be adjusted by the user and are known to lift the mood and the theme, should be the first smart addition to your bathroom. 

It’s not very welcoming to have a misfit light system that doesn’t complement the premium tiles and wall finishes of your bathroom. With traditional lights, if these are already installed, there’s no coming back without ripping the fixtures off of your walls. But, as the smart lights can be adjusted, they don’t poke a hole through your pocket, even if you were wrong about the lighting. 

Smart Floor Heating

Heating radiators transport the generated power and heat energy to the bathroom floors, keeping your feet warm during winter. While the thermodynamics is still the same, smart floor heaters can schedule the heating, keep a constant temperature, and are generally faster. 

Smart floor heaters save a ton on your electricity bill by not having any elements that cause energy wastage and by learning the pattern of your usage. Having a radiator always turned on impacts your monthly bills significantly.

Smart Bathroom Scale

A scale is a measuring device. A smart scale is a better measuring device and a lifestyle choice. Bathrooms, being private, are the ideal place to check body weight.

With a smart scale, though, a plethora of factors that decide our physical health, like body fat percentage, muscle mass, heart rate, bone mass, and water percentage can also be accurately measured.

Premium smart bathroom scales offer Bluetooth support and fitness tracking in association with fitness bands and smartwatches to keep you fit and healthy.

Smart Taps

Sensor controlled smart taps don’t allow you to keep the water running when you don’t need it. When brushing, bathing, or washing something, we tend to keep the tap open. The smart taps stop the flow themselves whenever nothing is being done to stop wastage. The taps are programmable and can be customized according to your preference.

Smart Washer

Smart automatic washers provide a more interactive and stress-free laundry experience. This is ideal for those who need something that will keep track of the wash cycles to pour the laundry detergent precisely, so they never miss it.

The smart washers determine the dosage of liquid detergent that’s needed and send you completion notifications after each cycle. It also saves a lot of water by not pumping more than it needs to wash a certain amount of dirty laundry. 

The Bottom Line

The bathroom is the most private place for any human being. Having a customized bathroom that pings and interacts with you can either be awful or delightful. It all depends on you. If you like your toilet seat warm in winters, love to listen to music while bathing, and want to save the world by not wasting water, these smart technologies are for you.