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10 Greatest Challenges the Virtual Teams are Facing Now

A training guru who’s been working in the corporate sector for over a decade now. She is a management graduate and loves to share her experience through blogs and articles.

Posted 2 years ago on June 6th, 2021. Last modified on September 3rd, 2021

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The advance of technology has made it easy to work with different teams across different geographic locations. A ship manufacturer is confronted with sizable pressure from competitors. To overcome competition, he connects experts from North America, South America, Asia, and Europe to work together and invent a new, luxurious ship design.

Each team works independently under the station’s project manager and keeps constant communication with the lead manager. During the project cycle, there are challenges the virtual teams could face. 

Uncoordinated Customer Feedback

During the phase of the project, the owner might need to see the progression on the ground. The geographical locations can be far apart and limit the project owner’s access to each phase physically. 

As says Michael Grey, the customer compliance manager from college paper.org reviews, one of the essay service, ICTworks connects development professionals worldwide through the use of new technologies for customer feedback in new markets. ICTworks focus is centered around the utilization of data and correspondence advancements and the execution measures of a sustainable network, especially in remote areas.

With ICTworks, you receive a definite and clear communication path for customer feedback using advanced technology tools. Through the feedback you receive, you can communicate with your workers for improved service delivery. 

Wrong Communication Platforms

You may pass over a message to your team using any communication platform. If you do not assess first to know which communication platform your teams love using, your message will go unnoticed. 

ICTworks carried out a study to find out which communication platform for youth was most preferred. They found out that the youth preferred receiving communication from Facebook –52 percent, WhatsApp - 35 percent, and SMS – 3 percent. 

If the project manager uses SMS or email as a way of communication with his youthful teams, the feedback from them could be spatial and non-detailed. As a result, ICTworks is working with teams to help understand which tools are best for remote communication with team members

Lack of Definite Structure

According to management experts from essayontime.co.uk, when a project is managed from a central point, it is easier to set a structure of the progression of different phases of the project. It tends to be difficult to cultivate a feeling of togetherness and routine among distant workers who have almost no cooperation with their managers and workmates. 

At the point when supervisors come up with a structure for the remote workers, the project moves on. Workers gain responsibility and become committed to work more. Workers will work all the more gainfully when they realize their efforts are recognized. 

Poor Accountability 

The virtual teams work under managers different from the teams in the next location. A team member working on a crucial part of the project may feel unaccountable to another virtual manager in another location. 

According to the reports of Assignment Help Australia, the entire work can be delayed when teams fail to become accountable to each other. Whether in criticism, reporting on work progression, or working on correcting mistakes done. The sense of accountability is in itself part of the success of the project.

Different Time Zones

One virtual worker could be working in a +13-time zone and another in a -12-time zone. Coordination can be difficult when one is at 1 pm and the other at 1 am. The difference can create emotional challenges that can lead to a mental breakdown and affect workflow.

When teams are working virtually, the manager over the teams needs to understand the time difference and set up work schedules that accommodate time zone differences. Some projects can only be worked on during daylight. 

Little Trust

A Virtual project could be relying on a single line of financing. The financier may get into trouble when transferring funds from one point to the other. The virtual team, on the other side, may not have access to the transfer platforms available for the other teams. 

As the funding challenges persist, the affected teams could begin losing the trust of the funding team. If effective communication is not done between the teams, some of the workers could give up and quit.

Inadequate Tools

Tools relevant to virtual teams are important. The tools can range from collaboration tools and gadgets, also used in essay help, tools to ease mobility, groundwork tools, and so on. Sometimes these tools need to be imported or exported from one point to the other.

Depending on the kind of tool used, it may take a few days to months for the tool or equipment to get on the ground. It proves difficult if a tool breaks down and the spare parts can only be imported. The broken-down tool forces the team to look for an alternative as they wait for the repair works.

Challenge of Physical Distance

Sometimes an issue can only be communicated best by physically meeting the person involved. When the person you want to communicate with is far away, it becomes hard to pass over the message to the person.

The project manager can be an expert in error detection. Another remote manager could be an expert in development. When the general manager wants to show the manager under him how to fix or troubleshoot some issues, he might not make it because of the distance.

Poor Expertise

There is a clear difference between the work done by experts and work done by non-experts. An upcoming virtual project could advertise for team members to enroll. The only way to interview the members would be through virtual communication.

According to the reports of the dissertation writing service, named EssayMama, the project owner can only rely on word of mouth from the interviewee because the two might never meet. The soft copies of documents submitted by the employee could be fake and misleading. 

Poor Morale

When every member of a project is working from a single location, the members can see the full vision of the project as it progresses. If the team members are in different locations but working on the same project, it can be hard for the members to comprehend the outcome of the project.

In most cases, only the top managers carry the final picture of a virtual project. If the overall picture is not communicated well to every stakeholder, the rest of the team members can lose morale and affect the timely progression of the project. 


Overlooking the challenges experienced by virtue teams, the benefits of working with teams remotely continue to soar. The challenges faced today are opportunities for improvement until the teams overcome a greater part of the challenges. Developers and inventors can work together with tools and programs that help eliminate the challenges.