Wallpaper in Erbil

The wallpaper trend is making a comeback in the recent years. Thanks to advanced digital printing technology. It's now possible more than even, to produce the highest quality wallpaper. PIT Designs offers its clients in Erbil, the opportunity, to bring the imagination into reality with customized wallpaper solutions.

Best Selling Features

We understand the modern consumer’s wallpaper needs. While the tastes will always differ, today’s best-selling wallpaper designs do have the three following aspects in common.

  1. Amazingly high quality
  2. EN 15102 compliance
  3. Ease of installation and removal
Wallpaper in Erbil

Make your space reflect your personality

Our wallpaper selections work for homes, offices, hotels & more.

EN 15102 Compliance

Wallpaper should meet with safety, flammability standards. Wallpaper must be printed with EN 15102-compliant toner.
While this is a safety standard. It is also preferred by the customers. Because the used toner to print the wallpapers, doesn't smell. It has no smell of chemicals as it is printed without solvents.


Quality Wallpaper in Erbil

There is no doubt that quality of the print, makes all the difference. We make sure that our clients, get the best possible wallpaper in Erbil.

The high resolutions, attention to details, and realistic look and feel of the design always wins. From color quality, toner, printing method, and material we print on.

Let your workplace reflect your brand in style.

Practicality & Usability

We have a simple philosophy when it comes to wallpaper. The we noticed our customer love the most about wallpaper these days. Is the flexibility. It allows them to regularly give their home or office a whole new look. Imagine giving your living room a new look & feel. This is available thanks to the new technology. Printing on a non-woven substrate.

Digital wallpaper printing is trending.. We custom print for your needs, on demand.

The freedom of being able to change your office or home's look. Is certainly in the rising demand now. People love change, and always look for new ideas. New and exciting colors, patterns, and so on. This is exactly what we offer for our customers printing wallpapers in Erbil.
You will love the quick and professional support from our team, guaranteed.