TeamViewer, Remote Support by PIT Designs

PIT Designs Remote Support via TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the best remote desktop solutions, it allows us to quickly and securely connect to client's devices, with their permission, when in need of customer support and providing custom IT solutions. Hence the TeamViewer remote access.

Step 1
Download TeamViewer from this the official website [button link="" color="black" newwindow="yes"] Download TeamViewer[/button]

Step 2
Open the downloaded file and run setup. Then Choose Basic Installation

Step 3

Select Personal/Non-commercial for personal use OR choose commercial license if you own a license.

team viewer - PIT Designs remote support

Step 2 and 3 explained

Step 4
Run the application.
From Start > Team Viewer or from the shortcut icon on desktop.

Step 5
Once you are directed to the main application window, please provide us with the login credentials (Your ID and Password). As shown in image below:




  • Due to privacy concerns, we only accept the access if granted as per client's permission.
  • Access provided will be for fast customer service and support provided for clients.
  • The client will have full access and display of the on-going tasks as we work remotely on their device.
  • For any further clarifications and/or questions, please contact us.
  • PIT Designs is not in any way affiliated or connected to Team Viewer company, we are only using the software for quick problem solving.
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