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Should You Trust Kuraz Insurance Company in Erbil?

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Posted 3 months ago on June 26th, 2020.

Kuraz insurance company based in Erbil. Claims to be professionals in the business of ensuring your health, assets, travel, and quality of life in general.

These are the companies the private and public sectors, rely on to provide them with peace of mind. As they go about their daily life and running their businesses.

Shouldn't an insurance company be built on trust, more than anything else?

Clearly that is not the case of one particular company that we had to deal with.

Why Insurance Matters

The fact that an insurance company acts as a backup or safety net for any accident that might occur, within the covered policy, tells us how vital their role is.

But what happens when the very company you are supposed to rely on and trust, not only leaves you with no answers but actually denies any responsibilities!

Scary right!?

That's what happened with us dealing with Kuraz Insurance company.

It is very important that our community and public should read this because insurance is a responsibility that should be taken seriously by those who provide it.

I don't trust Kuraz insurance company in Erbil.

A Quick Intro to Kuraz Insurance

The company is based in Gulan Street, Global Business Center, Erbil - Iraq.

At the time of our deal, the main staff were Mr. Kamran Baghirov (Manager), and Mr. Kawa Asad (Insurance Executive)

Kuraz insurance company logo

Their services range from family insurance, travel, personal, health. To corporate insurance solutions and oil & gas risk insurance.

Per daaxcorporation.com , the company is affiliated to DAAX Corporation.

I trusted Kuraz Insurance company, as professionals. But they let me down and made it clear, I was wrong for trusting them.

Ninos, PIT Designs

Here's a link to the official LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/company/kuraz-insurance/

Why We Do Not Trust Kuraz Insurance Company

On March 1, 2020, at 6:59 PM, we received an RFQ Email from Mr. Kawa. Requesting for our web design services. To which we replied, back and forth in communications, until we reached a deal that's satisfying to the customer (Kuraz Insurance)

We met with the staff at their office a couple of times. We had phone conversations, WhatsApp chat, emails exchanged, and Zoom video calls as well.

The work process had been going well.

Presented with several different demos.

They picked one that was confirmed to their liking, and we proceeded further.

As we had finalized the landing page, services pages template, and contact page. Moving towards the final steps to conclude the demo and get it ready for launch.

The company started to ignore our calls, emails, and chats.

They would answer every now and then with "We apologize for the delay in the reply." and that they will get back to us soonest, blame it on COVID-19 situation, etc..

Then when we asked to meet in person, they stated that they do not want to do the project. And refused to pay our invoice, not even partially.

Keep in mind at this point we had finished about 90% of the work.

We had confirmations on everything, written.

We have recieved the company's branding book, data, texts, etc.

We even agreed on which colors, font, photos to use, etc..

The website pages were live and active on our server.

Basically everything was done right up to this point.

So to just call it off, is the most unprofessional and untrustworthy move that a business can make, never mind one that is supposed to be built on trust, insurance!

Our Final Try

Before I would be obliged to publically shame and condemn this unprofessional move from Kuraz, I had sent them one last email to make sure they do not wish to cooperate at all.

My last email dated Thu 6/18/2020 11:06 PM

I stated the facts, dates, work process, how everything was confirmed, etc.

Here's a passage from the email:

You have not paid our invoice, not even the 50% that we take in advanced
We trusted your company to be treated with the same professional level that you claim to be at, that’s why we never held on work, we started and continued without receiving the advance too.

At this point you seem to want to walk away from the deal, without any valid reason.

My email is to kindly ask you, are you not willing to pay us at all?
Because I believe you value your company’s reputation more than the 1300$ invoiced.

If I’ve mistrusted you, then feel free to ignore this email and I will understand your message.

We take our job seriously, and always deliver.

Beware Who You Deal With

It's unfortunate when a business doesn't abide by the rules, and doesn't hold their end of the deal.

A professional business owner, or any respected business, company, entity. Should honor the deal.

Such unethical behaviour is not acceptable in the business world.

In Conclusion

This was not a post/announcement I was looking forward to. We would rather have long term relations, happily serving our clients, and delivering the best solutions, as we always do.

However; it felt necessary to inform our community of our experience with Kuraz Insurance.

Should you trust this company for your insurance?

Will they honor the bigger deals? if they did not honor a small deal of 1300$?

That's your call, and if you do. I hope you have a difference, more positive, experience.

Stay Safe!

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