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Posted 2 weeks ago on April 9th, 2021.

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We have a cool product today to review (and we use) it's for those who work with publishers, have own magazines, ebooks, and more. Heyzine is the best way to create awesome online publications to engage with your audience.

You worked hard on the perfect design for your catalog, magazine, or report, but publishing a boring pdf is going to take away all the appeal. Convert it to a Heyzine flipbook! With this PDF to flipbook conversion service, you can publish it online choosing between many different page turn effects.

Why We Use Heyzine to Convert PDF to Flipbook

  • With Heyzine flipbook you can add your own logo, background, viewer controls, and a lot of other customizations.
  • You can also add media content like pictures, videos, links, or web iframes creating an immersive experience for your readers.
  • Create Mobile friendly (HTML5) Flipbook PDF and reach your audiences on all devices: PC, MacOS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone supported.
  • Supports A4 (catalogs) and A5 (brochures) formats.
  • Create, share and embed online magazines, transforming your PDFs into online flipping books.
  • Privacy & password protection

Check out these examples created with Heyzine.

Heyzine Flipbook Editor Controls

The tool is very easy to use, from start to finish. No tech skills required. Make an entire design from scratch, using our intuitive drag and drop based editor, or go for the fast PDF conversion & turn your PDF to booklet online at the fastest speed.

It doesn't matter if you need to share on social media, add the viewer to your website or download it, heyzine has you covered.

And if you don't want to publish it for everyone don't worry, there is also the possibility to password protect your flipbook.

Customization & Page Effects

White the concept of PDF to flipbook converters isn't new to the web, it is however limiting in most casing by some factors. What Heyzine adds is the high level of customization, including complete white-label branding and custom URLs & subdomains. Additionally, is the cool page flip effects (currently have 5 different effects). And it's completely free to start with (read more below)

Unlimited Pages for Free!

heyzine flipbook offers a free plan with no ads, unlimited pages, unlimite updates & more.

For agencies and those who want extra features and customizations, you can upgrade to Standard or Professional plans, which unlocks white-label features, custom URL subdomains, and Google Analytics integration.

Final Thoughts

Heyzine Flipbook is a stunning 3D flipbook alternative for your flat lifeless PDFs. Its easy post structure makes it easy to create flipbook (or convert PDF to flipbook). Create 3D flipbook, make your PDFs interactive and generate more customer attention.

Start creating PDF to flipbook online with heyzine!

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Online PDF To Flipbook Converter

Heyzine is the best way to create awesome online publications convert PDF to Flipbooks

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