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Teaching English in Erbil, Iraq

An experience you’ll never forget! Tag: Teaching English in Erbil. The Need: Among the thousands of Iraqi Christians who fled ISIS are high school students. Whose education has been interrupted or compromised by life in temporary camps. In their final year of school,...

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Erbil Photography Services

Erbil Photography Services | Professional photography from PIT Designs team At PIT Designs, Erbil based creative agency, our main objective was to provide professionally designed websites for business in Erbil - Kurdistan, with excellent customer service. Since the...

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The Mobile Era & Website Design

The mobile era & website design methods and technologies today has developed in so many ways, no longer it’s the static HTML page with a few images and text.

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Printing Business Cards in Erbil

Securing the perfect design and material for printing business cards can be a very detailed, yet important aspect of presenting your business identity, or even for a personal use, when introduced to new prospects or customers.

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Flex Print Services in Erbil

As a part of our branding and printing services, one of the key elements is flex print which is used to deliver high quality digital print for outdoor hoardings and banner mainly printed by large color flush ink printers in CMYK mode.

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