AdGuard is The Best Ad Blocker (and Works Everywhere!)

Browsing the internet is an on-going, daily task, that we all do, at all times. We love the internet and surfing websites, reading articles, news, watching videos and more. But, there's one thing that almost everyone hates, is the ads. They are everywhere, inside articles and videos, news feeds, social media channels..

We don't like ads, because they take away from the user experience. While you're enjoying a video on YouTube, you will be interrupted with an ad, you didn't even need.

Problem..? Solved!

The annoying problem of ads-filled websites, is solved easily. Enter AdGuard.

AdGuard is a fully featured internet filter that removes ads, ad-trackers and blocks websites with viruses. It works automatically, blocks every unwanted ad, and does it so smoothly, that a user will only notice clean websites, without any efforts.

AdGuard works on every browser and application which communicates over the internet, from browsers, to Windows environment, Mac, iOS and Android. Install once and enjoy ad-free browsing for good.

Why AdGuard?

I've been an avid internet user for years, and deeply integrated career (web design and development) and life based on the internet. So I've tried dozens of extensions, applications and software that were decent ad blocker, but did not block it all!

Some of them left YouTube ads out, others let Facebook ads slip in, and so on.. There wasn't an all-in-one ad blocker that does what it should, until I discovered AdGuard;

  • It's super easy to use
  • It runs on browsers, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • It's Free
  • And it just works!

6,000,000+ Users Can't be Wrong!

AdGuard has over 6 million users from Chrome extensions page (download it here)

With over 46 000 reviews 


So How Do I Get it?

Simply go to and you can install it on any device you use. Using AdGuard is even easier than installing it!

basically just run it, and that's it. It does everything automatically.

There is a free version of the product, as well as premium products, The only way we earn money is by selling licenses for the premium versions of AdGuard products. More info here.

But I've seen ad blockers that sold out to some services..?

Well, that's one of the reasons why I love AdGuard - they do sell premium product as well as the free product - and that's the only way AdGuard makes money. Here's a statement from the official website

We have free products as well as free versions of premium products, but unlike some other ad blockers we don't partner with advertisers and don't have any acceptable ads programs. The only way we earn money is by selling licenses for the premium versions of AdGuard products. More info here.



AdGuard is the best ad blockers in the market today, it's simple, fast and works. You can try the free version or upgrade to premium. It works on YouTube, Facebook, any other social media platform, and all websites. To bring clear interface to the user, with best experience.

Get AdGuard today, and thanks us later.


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