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6 Ultimate Content Marketing Writing Techniques to Boost Audience Rate

Ana Mayer is a freelance writer who is a qualified specialist in the field of digital marketing. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the programming and technology news.

Posted 4 weeks ago on September 22nd, 2020.

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What is Content Writing?

To begin the discussion about stepping up your game in content writing, you need to understand what this game is all about, right?

In very simple words, content writing is well-researched information, edited, and designed for online marketing purposes.

It covers all aspects of detailed promotion planning and web copy creating used by freelance writers or SEO specialists.

By defining the key working outlines, templates, and cover titles, this tool of marketing forms an effective content strategy and, consequently, its engagement boost among the audience.

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How multidimensional is Content Writing?

The field of digital marketing is very wide and one of its core branches as Content Writing is composed of the whole list of content types:

Blog posts

A blog post is a definite leader in the content writing game gathering the greatest number of traffic and engagement rates, as well as fostering the brand’s identity and recognition.

In fact, you will never see any brandy website without hot off the press news or facts discussed in the blog.

All of us come to the web in the quest for some useful information to grasp, and content writing is an ultimate tool helping us all explore these well-structured and consistently-written posts.

Social Media posts

When it comes to a concise message transmitted through a live event or interactive questionnaire, social media is an answer.

Our online life is primarily intersected with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram from where we learn a lot of information in a more visual kind of way. So, as you might already understand, content writing is very applicable here too.

It is the marketing specialist who writes those killing viral articles you see every day in your feed.

Promoting / Advertising content

Content writing is not only about useful attractive content gaining much attention from followers, but also relevant advertising gaining a lot of interest.

A well-written word can convince people to take action and can encourage them to make more conversions.

For example, the writing style and key statements focusing on urgency, like “get your discount”, ‘last chance”, “10% till the end of the month”, can drastically increase your chances to develop a solid marketing strategy.

Email copy

Like a blog or social media posts, email is a functional selling machine in digital marketing. Interestingly, it reflects people’s imagination working in the writing industry and surprising audience with the insightful and evolving advancements of a copy.

This kind of content writing focuses on creating a mouthwateringly selling piece of notification that appears in your email box and drives you to action.

What are the best writing techniques in 2020?

1) Make it visually attractive

Content writing should not always be associated with content, but rather a visual image.

Plain texts without any bullet points, paragraphs, space areas are not in trend anymore. So, you’d better consider some other content writing tips like the following:

  • Use the “Enter” key
  • Inserting a picture
  • Remember about text split-ups

2) Be authentic and discovery-focused

When duplicating and repeating things people have already heard, you just obtain less worth and respect.

The audience always feels when something is fake and pretentious, made in the way to trick them or persuade them into something.

So, you should really ensure you create fresh new content with no borrowed or, worse, stolen ideas that your competitors share.

Otherwise, what’s the point in copy-pasting topics that are discussed everywhere?

Of course, nobody wants you to reinvent the bicycle, but evolving for the sake of your readers is never a bad practice. So, hurry up to generate authentically individual content.

3) Consider the importance of professionalism

To keep your readers engaged and adapted with any sort of content, it is crucial to get help from outside sources.

You can be a great storyteller when it comes to writing poetry or sharing stories, but the metrics of keywords and action words, the quality content evaluation, the engagement, or boost rate are the subjects to a professional expert’s eye.

That’s why, you should not forget about your regular assistants as Best Writers Online, where you can get a well-researched and good-quality text for your post, blog, or whatever.

If there is a minor doubt about the writers’ expertise, Online Writers Rating guide will help you out.

4) Remember your key objective

Before ever starting your writing plan, think of a single message you would like to develop in the readers' brains.

No matter, how versatile and broad your service or how good and multifunctional your goods are, there should be only one clear-cut goal demonstrating your wants and expectations.

This is like a win-win hack for you, because you always have an idea to convey and never get stuck with a dusted content.

Meanwhile, your audience appreciates the content for its relevance and credibility on their side too.

Keep in mind that defining a concrete objective in content marketing is a must if you really want your writing career to blow off.

5) Catch audience with the first sentence

Another effective way to amplify your audience rate is with an instant question that would force them to give up on everything they were doing and dive into reading.

You should think of how you can break the ice from the very first sentence and keep your audience warmed up so that they don't turn into ice and get passive again. 

For instance, you can try to create an abstract problem and ask for solutions. People need to be treated kindly and respectfully.

Only in this case shall they stay on your website or post to take action at the later stage then.

6) Monitor your content performance

Usually, we give in to a fallacy that after writing and posting everything, it is all set and we can move on with some other projects.

However, content writing is also about measuring web shares, reposts comment rate.

When every single step of your subscribers is tracked down, you have a unique chance to identify the actionable techniques and use them in the next text.

And this loop goes on until one day you see your success climbing up the career ladder.


Content marketing writing is undoubtedly hard work, but by knowing the hacks to produce mind-blowing and head-turning content, you should not hesitate and worry. Your writing success is very close at hand.

About the author: Ana Mayer is a freelance writer who is a qualified specialist in the field of digital marketing. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the programming and technology news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.

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6 Ultimate Content Marketing Writing Techniques to Boost Audience Rate

Are you seeking the best ways to improve your content creation? Are you excited to master your marketing development strategy? […]

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