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3 Tips for Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader

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Posted 2 weeks ago on April 5th, 2021.

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Personal branding can be just as important as building an effective corporate brand. Many experts agree that today’s customers don’t just buy products from the companies they like, they buy from the leaders they can trust. This is particularly true in the B2B world, where buyers will be searching for companies that they can work with long-term.

Just because you run a business doesn’t mean that other people in your space will automatically see you as an expert in your space, unfortunately. If you want to stand out and attract potential partners, investors, and clients, then you’re going to need to position yourself as a thought leader. The following tips will help you to showcase your expertise.

Create a Plan

When you first started your business, you probably had a plan to guide you. This information told you what the main focus point of your business would be, who your customers are, and even what your position in the market looks like. You can create a similar plan as a thought leader. Ask yourself who your target audience is going to be, and what you want them to think or feel about you.

Which characteristics do you want to be most associated with your name, and how are you going to build the reputation that’s right for you? In your plan, consider people who you want to emulate, and people who you don’t want to be like. Make a list of the most important characteristics you want to show, and use those words as a compass when you’re designing products, speaking at events, or even interacting with colleagues.

Develop Evidence

To be a thought leader, you need to convince others that you’re an expert in your space. Over time, the things you do and say will develop your personal brand. However, it helps to have some initial evidence that makes you more believable. For instance, if you want to show you’re a thought leader in coding, then you need a degree to prove this.

You can apply today for a student loan from a private lender and start earning the certifications that back up your claims. Education isn’t the only form of evidence available either. If you’ve worked alongside other people before, ask them to endorse you on channels like LinkedIn, or help you to convey your expertise through things like interviews.

Live Your Brand

If you want people to believe that you’re a true thought leader in your space, then you need to live the brand identity you want to convey. It’s not enough to just show the same face whenever you’re visiting a live event. If you want people to believe that you’re a thought leader in marketing, you should be constantly proving that you are one by posting content that shows off your skills, sharing relevant articles with social media followers, and connecting with influencers in your space.

Everything you do needs to be a consistent way of showing your thought leadership to the people in your tribe. If you’re consistent with the skills and expertise you show, people will gradually begin to believe in your expertise, and this will open the door to new opportunities.

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