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Rope access is the most advanced and developed method. Used across the Energy, Civil Engineering and Construction, building maintenance sectors as a a best practice. Whether used in conjunction with other access and lifting methods or used on its own, rope access has proven to be a safe and highly efficient means of assisting the most challenging of tasks, large or small.
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About Latar Company

Latar is a General trading company & commercial agency based in Erbil & Baghdad.
Offers a wide range of services, including distributing and representing international food products.
It's known for commitment to quality, efficiency and consistency.
It is one of the most reliable services over the years.
And constantly looking to expand the product offerings for customers.
Latar Company is IRATA Certified company.

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Certified Senior Staff (Level 3)

The company operates with world wide certified senior staff. Professionally trained for the job.

Fully Qualified Staff

The staff for rope access solutions is fully qualified. Experienced over the years. Worked on projects such as Burj Khalifa, and Jumairah Palm Beach in Dubai. As well as other locations world wide.

Safety First!

The company follows 100% in compliance with safety rules & regulations when working on any site.

Rope Access Services

The company offers professional rope access services for its clients. The main advantage it has over the competition is the qualified and certified level 3 staff.

Facade Cleaning

Rope access for window cleaning is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your building looking pristine all year round.
Specialized in rope access techniques enables us to clean windows that would normally be extremely difficult to access.

Maintenance & Inspection

Best suitable for: High-level cleaning & maintenance. Electrical works. Visual Inspections & Reporting. Photographic & Video Surveys. Structural Inspection. And condition Surveys.
With our rope access solutions, it's the best method to reach the heights.

Facade Waterproofing & Silicon Work

Solutions for facade sealing. A range of methods giving full freedom in construction & application of the weather sealing attachment against the window frame, cladding joint or building structures, the outside walls of the building. Water, damp, air and noise.

Rope Access vs. Scaffolding

Rope Access will complete the work faster, and it's more cost efficient.
The cost for rope access will not increase dramatically depending on the height of the building.

Scaffolding involves not only paying for the scaffold materials, but the labour costs for set up and dismantle, the time involved and the permits for bulky equipment and vehicles, the price adds up and becomes higher.

However, with rope access, we will quote you on the work and the only expenses left are the technicians and the material for the job. The company would then provide you with the IRATA approved, skilled, experienced, safe high access rope access technician, at a substantially lower cost compared to alternative methods.

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