The Symbols

The PIT Designs logo is pretty straight forward in terms of symbolism.
With a closer look at the two shapes combined, you can see;

The first one represents the letter P (as in PIT).

And the second shape, represents the letter D (as in Designs)

Combined make up the initials PD (PIT Designs)

Additionally, I do like the way they interact together as one unit.

The Colors

The PIT Designs logo consists of two colors. namely, shades of Green and Orange. To be exact: #00A99D and #F05126.

I picked those colors based on a couple of factors:

  • They do interact well together
  • Bringing focus to the logo
  • The Green-ish color represents: Freshness of the ideas - staying up-to-date and ever lasting.
  • The Orang-ish color represents: creativity, boldness in design, and energy & passion for the work.